Is it Good to Chew Gum?

[phpzonsidebar title=”Chewing Gum” keywords=”Chewing Gum” num=”5″ country=”US” searchindex=”Grocery” trackingid=”smellybrain-20″ sort=”relevancerank” id=”3″]Are you trying to lose weight? Or do you want to concentrate better in school and improve your memory? Then start popping gum into your mouth and chew on it.  Is it good to chew gum? It may be hard to believe but it actually is.  The benefits from such a small piece of elastic candy are quite a lot. Schools used to prohibit students from chomping on gum. But today, recent studies recommend it.

229/365 - Bubbl-- Splat.CNN even featured a research about more reasons to pop on the gum. They conducted a new study showed evidence that it could contribute to better academic performance. For students who chewed on gum while at school had a 3% increase in getting better test scores and final grades than those non-chompers. It helped them also in paying better attention in their class and required fewer breaks. Chomping on gum is a recommended tool for students.

As for weight management, chewing gum helped in decreasing satiety and cravings. People who chewed on gum after meals had fewer high-calorie snacks. They had less feeling of hunger pangs and craving for sweets. Some even say that chewing gum is the new diet trend. It has less or no calories, calms the appetite and is useful for better concentration.

A recent study also showed more solid evidence on the big benefits of popping on the gum. It is good to chew gum for our dental health and for those suffering from acid reflux disease. Those who chew gum 20 minutes after meals can help in preventing tooth decay. The saliva produce during the act of chewing washes away the acids and bacteria, thus, protecting the teeth. It also decreases symptoms of acid reflux disease. The saliva can act as an antacid on the stomach.

Furthermore, chewing gum can increase blood flow to the brain by 25%, hence, improving memory and concentration. And through the working of the jaw during chewing, it can burn 11 calories per hour. The benefits are actually greater than the downside of it. People with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems should not chew on gum as it can aggravate the disorder. Also those who grind their teeth at night or those who have chronic tension headaches should avoid it.

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