Interesting Facts on Nigeria

Nigeria, called Giant of Africa, is one of the largest countries in Africa. It lands are vast the culture quite diverse, which is why it is aptly named as the Giant of Africa. But there is little known about this African country. Not many people know about its greatness. So, here are some interesting facts on Nigeria.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigeria’s official name, should not be confused with the Republic of Niger. Niger is a whole different country from Nigeria. Both of them, Nigeria and Niger, are named after the River Niger, the third largest river in Africa.

Nigeria is a vast country. It is the 14th largest country in Africa. It is about two and a half times bigger than the U.S. state of California. Nigeria is divided into 36 states plus its federal capital, Abuja. But what makes Nigeria truly a Giant of Africa is not its wide lands but its population. Nigeria has the largest population in all of Africa and the eighth in the world with over 150 million people divided into more than 250 ethnic groups and more than 4000 dialects. Nigeria is indeed one big country, not exactly for its lands but for its people and the cultural diversity it has.

Most people would think that African countries have low literacy rates. That these countries are just overpopulated places with no good educational programs. But they are wrong. Nigeria prides their education. Over 18 million people are studying at all schools and educational levels in Nigeria, more than the population of other African countries and more than the school population of European countries like Britain, Spain, and France. They have 31 universities all around the country to boost the education system of Nigeria.
Nigeria is doing fairly well on its own considering they have only been released from the British on 1960. They have been under the British rule since the early 1900s. But even when Nigeria became independent from Britain, the effects of the colonization are still apparent, like the language they use. The official language of Nigeria is English and this greatly shows the influence of Britain.

You can say that Nigeria has been through a lot, with the colonization and the wars. And archeological findings in Nigeria show that the country has a very old past. There are evidences that prove that humans have already been living in Nigeria since 9000 BC. Yet the earliest known civilization is the Nok Civilization, existing around 500 BC to 200 AD.

Some fast facts on Nigeria:
• Nigeria is a major player in the petroleum industry. Petroleum accounts for 95% of the country’s export income.
• The areas around Calabar, Cross River State in Nigeria is believed to contain the most diverse species of butterflies in the entire world.
• The drill monkey can only be found in the wild of Southeast Nigeria and its neighbor, Cameroon.
• The national sport of Nigeria is football.
• Nigeria has the highest birth rate of twins in the whole world.
• Nigeria’s economy is one f the world’s fastest growing economies.

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