Interesting Facts on Dolphins

Dolphins are probably one of the friendliest creatures here on Earth. If dolphins are only land animals, then dogs would probably have the run for the title as “man’s best friend”. Surely, all of us are already aware of what dolphins are. Some of us might think their fishes because of the fact that they live on water, but actually they are considered mammals. Dolphins are seen in a lot of places and just like any other animals, these friendly sea creatures are also composed of different sub-species. Unfortunately, despite being approachable to men, these poor mammals are usually hunted down by illegal fishermen and are now fast decreasing in number. So for us to know more about these animals; here are some of the interesting facts on dolphins.

We already know that dolphins are smart and lovely animals, but there are actually more fascinating things about these creatures. For one, dolphins are fond of playing with humans. These sea creatures would usually sail alongside ships and boats in order to get the attention of humans. For them, they consider this as their play time. Aside from this, dolphins also like to swim with surfers and go with the big waves. Most dolphins would also sleep just below the water’s surface with one of their eyes open. What’s even more fascinating about these dolphins is that their whistles are considered unique from one another. This is similar to the uniqueness of our fingerprints. They in fact use their whistles in order to identify one from another. In addition to this, dolphins are also capable of emitting a loud sonic sound that is great enough to stun a fish. Some studies conducted even concluded that these sonar emissions enable dolphins to see the insides of any living thing.

Although know for their friendly approach, dolphins are in fact related to killer whales or orca. Orcas are in fact recognized as the largest type of dolphin (yikes!). Aside from this, dolphins do not drink salt or sea water and just like any other animal, they likewise breathe air. When baby dolphins are born, their tails are first to come out or develop. This is to prevent them from drowning as they come out of the mother’s womb. Just like man, no dolphin is an island. This means that dolphins always swim in packs or groups. These groups are called pods. Because of their friendly nature, dolphins are also known pranksters. They usually play with turtles by rolling them over their backs or even pull the feathers of other birds gliding on the surface of the water. This basically makes dolphins the “class clowns” of the ocean.

These are the interesting facts on dolphins that we ought to know. We can definitely see that dolphins are fun-loving creatures, which is why it is important for us stop harming them. If we do not stop this at once, these dolphins might get sick of becoming friendly to humans and might start playing the role of their distant relatives – the killer orcas.

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