Interesting Facts about Wisconsin

Wisconsin is an American state located at the north central part of the continent. It has 72 counties and the state capital is Madison and the biggest city is Milwaukee. Wisconsin is surrounded by huge body of water, mostly streams and rivers that are located along Wisconsin’s shoreline and Lake Michigan.

When you plan to visit this state, you have to know more interesting facts about Wisconsin. This state is occupied by millions of residents. As of 2010, the population recorded was 5, 686, 986 and the locals are called Wisconsinites. In the rural areas, cheese production is prominent that is why Wisconsin is known to be the “Dairy Capital of the Country”. Because of high production of cheese in Wisconsin, the nickname “America’s Dairyland” and “Cheeseheads” were derived.

Aside from the large production of cheese, Wisconsin is also known for various “firsts” in the world. The first ever typewriter used was manufactured in this state and the pioneering hydroelectric plant was likewise made here. The state’s city, Wausau, is known to be the “Ginseng Capital of the World” and the other contributions to take pride are the production of Turkey and Bratwurst.

Aside from the products mentioned above, Wisconsin is also known to be the first in the production of cranberries, snap beans, oats, carrots, maple syrup and sweet corn. These agricultural products are noted to be well produced in Wisconsin as this state is notable for its vast agricultural sector and this was clearly represented by the Wisconsin’s 50 State Quarters design, with Holstein cow, ear corn and a wheel of cheese on it.

Wisconsin also takes pride on its large transportation and capital equipment manufacturing companies like Kohler Company, Rockwell Automation and Briggs & Stratton. This state is also home for big companies that specialize in paper, packaging and consumer goods production like Sc Johnson and Co.

Aside from manufacturing and consumer goods, Wisconsin’s economy also arched significantly because of the progress of healthcare software and devices manufactured by companies like GE Healthcare and Epic Systems.

How about visiting tourist destinations in Wisconsin? Yes, this state has a lot to offer to the locals and tourists. When you are up for water activities, you can visit the state’s biggest water-themed park, Noah’s Ark. As Wisconsin is known for its big water forms like streams and rivers, the state also has water recreations offered for you. You can go to the Door County, a destination visited by thousands of people annually, where great number of bays, natural harbors and ports along the coasts of Green Bay and Lake Michigan are found.

Other popular tourist destinations that are visited by millions of sightseers every year are the Wisconsin Dells and House on the Rock. When you want to take part of the festivals in the state, you can join festive events like Summerfest, Oktoberfest and German Fest.

So, with your stay in Wisconsin, you can conclude that it is never boring to visit this American state.

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