Interesting Facts about the Jumano Indians

If we trace the history of Jumano Indians, it could turn out to be a little bit confusing. After the Europeans arrived, this valuable tribe changed their ways and location frequently. They would move from one place to another in a year. Because of their nomadic nature, anthropologists find it hard to point out these Native Americans’ main homeland. Jumano Indians are divided into 3 groups:

1.       Those who lived in West Texas, Old Mexico and New Mexico

2.       Those who lived in the Southern Plains

3.       Those who are between the two large groups

What makes this tribe interesting is their mixed culture. They absorbed different norms from various tribes and societies, rather than being completely true to their own traditions. That is why many researchers question their origin. Some would say that they are associated with the Apaches. But others could also prove that some of the tribe’s heritage is the Tompiro Pueblo Indians of New Mexico.

Some more interesting facts about the Jumano indians

The dwelling environment of Jumano Indians varies into two structures. There are tribes called the Plains people which live on the grassland of West plains. Farming is what they do to live. But after sowing and reaping, they start to move out again. They also hunt and gather whatever they could find. Some Jumano tribes lived in in adobes. Adobes are made of mud and grass. It usually has a hole inside for the smoke from the fire to come out. They also have an area for cooking and hide their tanning.

Jumanos also celebrate religious ceremonies, especially during their farming seasons. They perform special dances during planting and harvesting as well as for rain and protection. The clothing they wear is very limited like they are almost naked. It’s because they want to show off their very detailed and elaborate tattoos. They are also very skilled tanners. They could make high-quality clothing and shoes made from buffalo and deer hide as well as produce good quality bows, arrows, and clubs and war shields. The men love their hair short and paint it with different colors. The women on the other hand, have usually long hair which they sometimes braid.

Besides being nomadic in nature, these Jumano Indians are very good in trading every time they meet different tribes on their way. They trade in war weapons such as the bows and arrows they made as well as ceramics and food that includes corn, squash and meat. Added to that, there may also be turquoise, shells, salt and textiles. With this trading, they are able to bring new crafts, food, and new weapons to other tribes they may meet along the way.

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