Interesting Facts about Sulfur

Our world is indeed surrounded by countless wonderful things. Some are directly visible in the naked eye, while others are so small that we can barely recognize its wonders, which includes the different elements of the periodic table. Currently, there are 118 known elements in the periodic table. One of these is none other than sulfur. Sulfur is not as rare or as expensive as gold; nevertheless, this does not make it uninteresting. Sulfur, or otherwise spelled as sulphur, is a type of chemical element that carries an atomic number of 16. This element is represented by a chemical symbol S. This nonmetal element is very abundant in our surroundings. Originally, sulfur comes in a solid form that is yellow in color. This element also consists of two essential amino acids namely cysteine and methionine. Sulfur is also used in a lot of items, which includes black gun powder, insecticides, medicines and matches. Sulfur crystals are also sometimes referred to as brimstone. These are just some of the common information about this element. Now let us try to discuss some of the interesting facts about sulfur.

Aside from the mentioned items above that are used with sulfur, some soaps and salts are also known to have this kind of element. Sulfur also smells very terrible. Its aroma resembles more like a rotten egg combined with the strong stench of onion. Aside from this fact, sulfur is also found in naturally curly hairs as well as the tires of our automobile cars. Sulfur is also very dangerous for the environment. Whenever things that contain sulfur, such as those tires, are burned, sulfur breaks down into SO2 and SO3. These components can be dissolved in water, which forms into H2SO4. This substance is now known as the major cause of acid rain. Aside from tires, coals are also recognized as sulfur containing materials. This makes the situation worse because coal is commonly burned in order to produce electricity thus emitting a lot of SO2 in the atmosphere.

It is also very interesting to know that sulfur is not only seen on Earth. Sulfur is also very abundant in other planets and objects in the solar system. One of these sulfur-abundant objects is none other than Jupiter’s moon called Lo. Lo is color yellow because its surface is covered with a lot of sulfur and sulfur compounds. Some of the moon’s volcanoes even emit molten sulfur instead of lava thus constantly releasing SO2.

These are basically some of sulfur’s most interesting facts. This element might be disregarded or overlooked by most of us, but sulfur can definitely cause a lot of damaging effects in our planet, if it is not utilized properly.

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