Interesting Facts about Ohio

Ohio. This US state is not as well known as its fellow states such as California, New York, Florida or Hawaii; however, Ohio actually has a lot of things to offer, not just for the country but for the entire world. But where is Ohio located? If we try searching for it on a US map, we can see that Ohio is located on the North Central division or region of the nation that is situated near the East side. Ohio is also considered a large state. This is the reason why it is in border with 5 other states and a lake called Lake Eerie on the north. These 5 states include Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. The capital of Ohio is Columbus and this state is also home to other great cities such s Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo. It is also ranked as the 34th largest state in the country with a land area of approximately 44,825 sq miles. Nevertheless, Ohio is considered the 7th most populous state with a total population of about 11,536,504. To know more about this wonderful place; here are some more of the interesting facts about Ohio.

Just like any other state in the country, Ohio has its share of highest points and lowest points. Campbell Hill is named as its highest location with a height of 1,550 feet above sea level. On the other hand, the Ohio River is classified as the lowest point with only 455 feet. Aside from this, Ohio is also a leading state known to produce greenhouses and nursery plants. In addition to this, Ohio has also claimed to have the very first chewing gum in the year 1869 and the first hotdog in the year 1900. Akron, which is one of Ohio’s major cities, is said to be the first to use police cars. This city is likewise known to be the rubber capital of the world. On the other hand, Cincinnati is also recognized as the first city to have a professional fire department.

Aside from all these physical advantages and firsts of the state, Ohio has also produced well known individuals such as Clarence Crane of Cleveland, who was the one who invented Life Savers in 1912 as well as Ohio senator John Glenn, who was known to be the oldest man to go to the outer space. In addition to this, Neil Armstrong, who is known to be the first man to walk the moon hails from Wapakoneta in Ohio. Daytona, Ohio is also the birthplace of the Wright Brothers who were known to be the first developers or inventors of the first airplane. Ohio is likewise the native state of many US Presidents such as Ulysses S. Grant, James A. Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, Rutherford B. Hayes, William Howard Taft, William McKinley and Warren G. Harding.

Aside from these, the city of Cleveland is also known to be the place to have the first traffic lights. It is also the city where the popular hit show “The Drew Cary Show” was set. These are just some of the fun and interesting facts about the state of Ohio.

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