Interesting Facts about Monkeys

Everybody loves monkey! Or is it the other way around? Monkeys are probably one of the most popular animals on earth. This is probably due to the fact that a lot of monkeys are becoming pets despite being a natural wild animal that lives on forests. In addition to these monkeys are also very common animals in many movies. We have seen them play as annoying and destructive animals and we have also seen them play as cute and adorable characters. The monkey’s popularity as pets and movie stars is most probably the result of being very easy to train. Most animal trainers find it hard to train animals, but monkeys are considered to be very effortless to train. This makes these animals more fascinating and appealing for a lot of people. So in order for us to know more about smart creatures; let us try to discuss some of the different and interesting facts about monkeys.

First of all, monkeys are different from apes. They may be related to each other, but these animals are not classified under the same species. Aside from this, we can also clearly see the difference basing only from their physical appearance particularly their size and their long tails. Most monkeys vary in their weights. Some can weigh as light as 3 ounces (just like the squirrel monkeys of South America that grows only a maximum of ten inches), while others could be as heavy as a hundred pounds or more. We also know that monkeys love bananas; however, these mammals do not eat these fruits with their skins on just like us, humans. And to support the fact that they are similar to Homo sapiens, monkeys can also carry certain human diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis and herpes B. Unfortunately, some countries in South East Asia and Africa eat monkeys as delicacies. This has contributed to the fast decrease of monkey population specifically 21 types of monkey species. Nonetheless, there are also some religions that consider monkeys as sacred. They in fact give honor to these animals by offering food to eat and water to drink.

If a lion’s group is called as a pride, monkeys also come in packs and these are called as troops or mission. A single troop of monkey has at least 700 monkeys as members. Recent studies have also revealed that Old World monkeys are commonly seen in Asia and Africa, while the New World monkeys are located in the Americas. Aside from this, most of us would think of monkeys to be living in trees and feeding only on fruits, specifically bananas; however, not all of them are arboreal (tree-living) and monkeys are also very diverse in their diet, which includes small animals, insects, eggs, leaves, other fruits like berries and seeds.

These are some of the interesting facts about monkeys that most of us don’t know. We can definitely conclude that monkeys are fun and fascinating creatures, but just like any other living thing; they also deserve some of our respect.

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