Interesting Facts about Maine

Where is Maine? Some of us consider Maine as one of the lackluster states of the US. However, Maine is actually one of the most underrated places in the country. Although it is true that most of us, especially the foreigners, know only a little about this northern state, Maine is actually filled with many wonderful destinations and attractions. In fact, Maine is one of the few states that are known to have magnificent backdrops and breathtaking sceneries of wide forests and seascapes. Because of this unprecedented location, Maine has become a favorite setting in a lot of movies and novels. That is why, if we want to know more about this beautiful destination; here are some of the interesting facts about Maine that we will surely enjoy.

Before we start, we must first answer our question with regards to the location of Maine. Where is Maine located? As we can see on a US map, Maine is actually located on the Northern tip or part of the Eastern coast of US. In other words, this state is facing the Atlantic Ocean. Maine is also bordered by only one other state, which is New Hampshire. However, its boundary is actually a lot greater with another country (Canada), which is found on its north. Maine’s capital is Augusta; however its largest city is Portland. It is ranked as the 39th largest in the US with a land area of 35,385 sq mi. Nevertheless, its population is only over a million, which is why it is ranked as the 41st most populous state in the nation. This makes it as one of the least dense states in America.

On the more fun and fascinating details of this state, Maine is basically known to have the most delicious seafood cuisines in the country. It is famous for its shellfish and lobster dishes since 90% of the lobster production in the US comes from this state. Aside from seafood, Maine is also popular for its blueberry production. It is in fact the largest producers in the US. Citizens of Maine are known as Mainers. 90% of its total land area is actually covered with forest, which is why it is also called as the Pine Tree State. Aside from its rich and lush forests, Maine is also known for its spectacular coastlines. Its coastlines are actually embedded with great and large jagged rocks that surround majestic lighthouses. In addition to this, Maine has actually 60 lighthouses along its coastlines.

Just like any other state, Maine also has its share of state objects. The Tassel and the White Pinecone is known to be the state flower, while the moose is recognized as its state animal. Maine’s state tree is none other than the Eastern White Pine, while its state berry is, of course, the wild blueberry. Since it is located on the northern border of the country, Maine is usually accustomed to having severe winter seasons. However, during summer, Maine is a lot better enjoying a humid climate.

These are just some of the interesting and fascinating details and information about the beautiful state of Maine. So in case we’re planning to visit the country, we might try including the state of Maine as one of our “Must-Visit” states.

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