Interesting Facts about Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs. Even from its name alone, we can already tell that these creatures are indeed huge and gigantic. Dinosaurs are probably one of the most fascinating creatures that have ever walked the planet. Because of this, many people have spent most of their time studying and finding clues and artifacts about these giant Earth dwellers. Dinosaurs have also been featured in a lot of movies such as the famous Jurassic Park movies, Peter Jackson’s King Kong and Land before Time. So if we are fascinated of knowing more about these creatures, here are some of the interesting facts about dinosaurs that we can learn.

Most of us have are already aware that dinosaurs are already extinct creatures. These huge animals were known to inhabit the Earth during the Triassic period, which is more than 200 million years ago. The only facts that can support the existence of these dinosaurs are through the fossils found all over the world. These fossils of dinosaurs are usually seen inside sedimentary rocks, which include different body parts such as the teeth, bones, claws and a lot more. Trace fossils also show how these dinosaurs have lived throughout the years since it consists of footprints, tooth marks and the like. It is also known that when the dinosaurs walk the earth, the continents are still fused together forming a large supercontinent known as “Pangea”.

Although many theories have evolved as to why these dinosaurs met their extinction, it is still the theory of the “asteroid” that have been accepted by many. This theory states that an asteroid hit the earth somewhere in Mexico and has caused the blocking of sunlight. Because of this, food became scarce thus causing the death and extinction of the dinosaurs. Aside from these, not all dinosaurs are large. These creatures also come in various sizes. In fact, the smallest dinosaur is said to be the Compsognathus, which was found in Europe during the late period of the Jurassic. This particular dinosaur is only as large as a chicken, which feeds on small insects, lizards and animals. Nevertheless, dinosaurs are still considered huge animals and this can be proven by countless types of dinosaur species. However, the largest is probably the long neck dinosaur, which is a sauropod (four-legged creature) that feeds on plants.

Although the name dinosaur sounds huge and gigantic, dinosaur basically means “terrible lizard”. This term was coined by Sir Richard Owen. This was related to the Greek words “deinos” which means terrible and “sauros”, which means lizard. Although the dinosaur fossils have been located years ago, it was only in the year 1824 where William Buckland was able to scientifically describe these creatures. Aside from land dinosaurs, these creatures are also very diverse since some dinosaurs are capable of flying while other can live underwater. These are some of the interesting facts about these very interesting animals.

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