Interesting Facts about Boron

There are already a total of 118 elements in the periodic table. Most of us are familiar to some of the elements most especially those that are common. This includes nitrogen, oxygen, gold, iron, chlorine, sulfur, lead and so much more. Nevertheless, there are also elements that are less popular compared to the others. In other words, information about these elements is not yet well known by many of us. So let us try to know these “underrated” elements by starting with Boron. What are the interesting facts of Boron?

It’s pretty obvious that there are already a number of us who have heard of the element Boron. However, details about this element are not yet fully known as much as we do with gold, mercury or oxygen. Boron is a type of element that carries an atomic number 5. Its symbol is a capital letter B. Boron’s atomic weight is 10.811 and its electron configuration is [He} 2s22p1. Its name originated from an Arab word Buraq and Persian term Burah, which both means borax. In terms of Boron’s properties, this element has a melting point of 2079 degrees Celsius. Its boiling or sublimation point is at 2,550 degrees Celsius. If it is in crystal form, its specific gravity is 2.34 and if it is in amorphous form, it is about 2.37. Boron is considered a good conductor of electricity only if it is at high temperatures, otherwise it is not sufficient to carry or conduct charges. Boron filaments are considered very durable; however, they are also very light in weight. Even though Boron is not mainly classified as a poison, this element can still have a toxic effect if it is cumulative.

Despite these dangerous characteristics of Boron, experts were still able to find good uses for this element. Some have even found therapeutic purposes for this element against arthritis. Boron is also commonly used as a material to shield from any nuclear radiation. In addition to these uses, Boron is also not found freely in nature despite being present for more than a thousand years. Boron comes from barates in borax and as well as in colemanite. Boron comes from a mineral, which is known as rasorite. This mineral is commonly found in California, while Borax deposits are abundant in Turkey.

Aside from these facts about Boron, this element is was also founded or discovered by three men named as Sir H. Davy, J.L. Gay-Lussac and L.J. Thenard. Boron is recognized as a semimetal element and was first discovered in the year 1808 somewhere in England and France. Its original appearance and characteristics are hard, brittle and black-colored semimetal. These are just some of the interesting facts about Boron.

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