How to Get Dog Urine Smell Out of Carpet?

Having dogs inside the house can provide an awesome opportunity for us to have fun with them and ensure they are safe. But when they excrete their wastes anywhere in the house, we get to clean up their mess and this leaves another household chore we have to face. This gets worse when they pee over our newly installed carpets, thus we should know how to get dog urine smell out of carpet.

Let’s face it. Dog urine leaves foul smell and makes our carpet unhygienic. When we leave their waste on the carpet surfaces, more bacteria will penetrate on it, causing the offending smell. That is why we should employ our cleaning actions immediately after the dogs had urinated.

The first thing we can do after they have urinated is to dry the urine using several paper towels. This allows absorbing the urine and makes the surface somewhat dry. But there are times wherein we cannot spot the areas where they had urinated. This makes our carpet smelly and unclean that is why we should follow that offending smell using our nose or if it gets difficult, we can use a back light to help us search for areas with dried urine.

After absorbing dog urine using paper towels, we can start our home remedy to make anew over the smell on our carpets. The processes involved are real easy. The next step is to mix 50% white vinegar (used to neutralize ammonia present in the urine) with 50% water then, pour this solution over the affected carpet surfaces.

To make it more effective, we must ensure we mixed sufficient amount of this solution and use a scrubbing brush to allow penetration under the layers of carpet. After this, we can employ the same method of wiping the surfaces with paper towels. And to wipe out moisture, we can dry the areas using a vacuum extractor.

When the carpet surfaces had dried, it is time to sprinkle baking soda on top of it. Then, mix a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide and a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent. Apply this over the surfaces that still have the baking powder on it, ensuring we wear rubber gloves to prevent skin irritation. We must work until the baking powder is dissolved by using a scrubbing brush or manually work on it using our fingers.

After these, we must leave the surfaces until completely dried out. Then, we can further remove excess moisture with the use of vacuum. We will then reveal another clean and fresh carpet, at the same time hoping dogs will not pee over the surfaces again.

Important tips to remember:

• Ammonia-based products should not be used as this triggers dogs to urinate on the surfaces again as ammonia is one of the components of urine.
• Do not pour any liquids over the surfaces with baking powder as liquids can react with baking powder, causing it to harden layers below the carpet.

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