How much do Puppy Shots Cost?

Getting a new dog in the house would mean another member of the household as well as additional expenses to meet its needs. We get dogs as they are considered as man’s best friend and they offer different affection and warmth to us that cannot be found with other pets. With this, we get to have the responsibility to take good care of the new pup like our own baby and offer the best it could have to make it healthy and strong.

When the new puppy arrives, we are often faced with great delight at the same time weariness about the amount it could consume from our budget. We must not deny that a new puppy would slash out big cash from our pockets as we are obliged to send it to the veterinarian for thorough medical checkup and getting it puppy shots. We are then concerned about how to select a qualified vet and the expenses behind the puppy shots. How much do puppy shots cost? A short summary about the cost and expenses for one whole year will be shown below.

Getting a qualified veterinarian for our new puppy can be easy as long as we know where to search. One way of doing so is to ask from common friends and neighbors whom they can recommend. Getting one of the best doctors for our pet would assure us our dog is in good hands.

After getting the right veterinarian, we must then submit our puppy for shots for health reasons. Like human newborn babies who needs vaccinations to free from any illnesses and diseases, dogs too need vaccines. These shots must be given as soon as possible when it is still six to nine weeks old. Puppy shots are given every three weeks and would go on until it turns four to six months old.

To assure our puppy is not exposed to any diseases while having the shots, we must remember that we should not expose it to strange dogs. To give us better ideas how much we are about to spend for shots and other medications for the puppy during its first year, let us review an approximation of expenses for us to prepare our budget:

• Puppy shots- $15 each for three series= $45
• Parvo shot = $25
• Veterinary Exams- $50 per exam x 4 times a year= $200
• Rabies shot= $18
• Lab check for presence of fecal worm= $15
• Tablets for heartworm prevention= $68 (consists of 12 tablets as one tablet is taken every month)

TOTAL= $371.00

Apart from its medications and health needs, the puppy too needs accessories such as well fitted leash, food and water dish, training collars and toys. Having a new dog in the house would mean extra expenses but this would mean nothing if it is healthy, well disciplined and would protect us from harm.

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