Hinduism Facts for Kids

There are a lot of religions in this world. People from various places hold on to their predominant faith and out from many religions known, one of the oldest is Hinduism. Hinduism originated from Northern part of India and the word “Hindu” was derived from the Indus river, a body of water that streams 1,800 miles from Tibet and goes through Kashmir and Pakistan and flows out to the sea.

There are interesting things to know about Hinduism that children would find time to read. Hinduism facts for kids would include its ancient existence, countless followers and more. Apart from knowing that Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world as it had existed for more than 4000 years, it is also the faith that has so many followers.

With its millions of followers, Hinduism was founded by nobody but was developed from Brahminism. It was recorded that more than 750 million of followers existed from all over the world. Other countries that have many Hinduism followers aside from India are Nepal, Bangladesh and Bali, Indonesia.

Hindus follow many beliefs though their religion focuses more on what one does rather than what one believes. Their universal god is called Brahman and their god comes in various forms that they too worship as gods and goddesses and this explains why they worship on too many gods. They also have other gods and goddesses, aside from Brahman (also known as their creator), that they praise everyday such as Vishnu (also known as the preserver) and Shiva (also known as the destroyer).

Hindus also believe in reincarnation, which they call as Samsara. This cycle of repeated births and deaths are influenced by Karma, or what is popularly known as the determinant of their destiny. They also follow three basic practices and these are:

1. Worship or Puja- they offer this to their gods and goddesses
2. Cremation- instead of burying the dead, Hindus cremate or burn them.
3. Caste system- they follow this system and are divided according to groups. What is good about this is that no group is superior over another as everyone is considered equal and plays important roles in their society.

Hindus offer their pujas at home as they have built a shrine at the comforts of their homes. At the shrine, they place a statue of their gods or goddesses (also called as murti) and offer gifts such as flowers and incense. They also have communal place of worship which they call Mandir and a lot of Hindus go to this place during weekends.

The Vedas is the main Hindu text they use. Vedas means “knowledge” and they refer to this text as their code of conduct and used as guide for their laws and duties. They hold many festivities but the most popular known is the Diwali or the Festival of Lights.

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