Fun Facts about Oxygen

Our life is supported by various vital elements that we cannot live without. The primary elements we need to survive here on earth are nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. From the stated elements, what is highly regarded the most is the oxygen. Oxygen is the most abundant element we have on earth and cessation […] Read more »

How Waterfalls are formed?

Waterfalls are one of the beautiful sights we see. We enjoy swimming through the water and experience cool and fresh water on our skin or simply view it from afar and wonder how waterfalls are formed. The formation of waterfalls may be hard to understand but as we grasp on the facts on how such […] Read more »

Does an Ice Cube Melt Faster in Air or Water?

Science classes made us do various experiments to answer hypotheses such as what works faster, what moves slower, what properties this substance has and what melts easily in various temperatures or conditions. This may be tedious to perform in the laboratory, but we have no choice but to perform what we were told for us […] Read more »