Interesting Facts about Pigs

Have you ever wondered about pigs? Most people usually just think of them as animals we butcher into bacon and ham, but have you ever thought about them as something more? Well, here are some interesting facts about pigs that you probably never knew. Pigs are mammals just like us They gestate for 3 months […] Read more »

Interesting Facts about Yemen

There is very little known about the countries that reside in the Middle East. We have an image of the region as a major player in the oil industry. We think of deserts and of men wearing turbans when we hear of Middle East. But it seems that our knowledge of the area is restricted […] Read more »

Interesting Silkworm Facts

When we think of worms, we picture those long, brown, and slimy creatures we find buried in the soil. But not all worms are as gross as we think. Some of them are very much valuable in the clothing industry. I am talking about silkworms. Silkworms are not exactly like earthworms. Silkworms are the babies […] Read more »

Interesting Facts about Sharks

Sharks are recognized as one of the world’s most dangerous and fierce predators. These denizens of the deep are considered hunters that prey on fishes, birds and even humans. Most of us have already seen sharks, whether it is on TV or in real life. These sharks have very fascinating physical features. Their jaws are […] Read more »

Interesting Facts about the Amazon River

The Amazon River, dubbed as the greatest river in the world, is located in South America. This river that runs through Ecuador, Guyana, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia and Peru, has been called great due to many reasons. Aside from being located right at the equator and being among the longest rivers in the world, the […] Read more »

Interesting Facts about Bees

We are usually frightened about bees because they are known to be stingers. The sharp pain from their sting often causes us swelling, itching and even allergic reactions for some. But amidst these negativities, bees are very helpful for pollination that is why we continuously harvest ripe fruits and vegetables from our plantations. Another amazing […] Read more »

Interesting Facts about Copper

The use of copper dates back to hundreds on year ago where cave men uses copper to make axes and other weapons to hunt for food and defend a tribe. Archeologists of today discovered that Egyptians in the old days use copper in making statues and incorporate it in their plumbing system. Even up to […] Read more »

Interesting Facts about Killer Whales

Killer whales (Orcinus orca) also called the Orca belong to the family of oceanic dolphin (Delphinidae). They are sometimes referred to blackfish or seawolf. They are found in all oceans ranging from the Arctic and Antarctic regions to the tropical regions. Killer whales have varied diet which may consist of sea lions, walrus, seals and […] Read more »