Interesting Facts on Tigers

We often watch tigers on the Animal Planet and get amazed with their swiftness and distinct characteristics from the other cat species. Tigers are interesting animals and knowing more facts on tigers will make us appreciate them more. Even though they appear tough and fierce, there are still something good about these creatures. Let us […] Read more »

Are Cockroaches Active During the Day?

What are cockroaches? For sure, a lot of us have already had a close encounter with these nasty house pests. Cockroaches are considered insects that belong to the order known or called as “blattaria”. This term comes from the Latin word “blatta”, which means cockroach. These pests are considered one of the most hated creatures […] Read more »

What is The Biggest Dinosaur in the World?

Apart from knowing the blue whales as the biggest animal in the world, the dinosaurs are also recognized as the most immense creatures on earth. The difference only is that blue whales are the largest marine animals while the dinosaurs are the largest land animals. When speaking of dinosaurs, there are a lot of species […] Read more »

Interesting Facts about Elephants

From Nelly the Elephant to Dumbo, elephants are an animal beloved by children and adults alike and elephants have featured as characters in popular children’s stories and movies hundreds of times. But apart from a long trunk and big feet, what other Interesting facts about elephants are there? Did you know elephants sleep standing up? […] Read more »

What is the Benadryl Dosage for Dogs by Weight?

Dogs require medical attention when they are suffering from certain illnesses or any unusual symptoms. swift codes bank in United States But prior to giving them the medications you think they need, it is wise to seek medical advice from the veterinarian first as there are medications that produce fatal effects to your pet such […] Read more »

Are Carrots Good for Dogs?

Carrots are vegetables that have that attractive orange color that are so well-loved by a lot of people in the world. This vegetable has been used in any kinds of presentations, from artsy cuisines to power health-boosted juice. Carrots are very essential in our diet as this gives us the source of beta carotene and […] Read more »

How to Treat Diarrhea in Dogs?

Do you know how to treat diarrhea in dogs? If your best friend is hit with an attack of the trots, learning a few tips on how best to treat the condition might save you some money, not to mention your best carpets. Diarrhea is a nasty affliction. It is bad enough when we humans […] Read more »

Can Cats have Chocolate?

Cats carry a very convincing look while pleading to have a share of whatever it is you are eating. Now you might think it isn’t a bad idea at all to share some of your food to your cat. However, many “human food” are actually toxic to cats. What we see as basic healthy food, […] Read more »

How to look after your Goldfish?

As pets go, goldfish are very undemanding. They do not require exercise, and nor do they leave a mess on your carpet when you forget to let them out, but despite this, you still need to learn how to look after goldfish in order to avoid inadvertently killing them within a day. Because goldfish are […] Read more »