Why is Water the Universal Solvent?

Water is considered as life as this sustains the lives of living things and this includes us, human beings. Water is our daily need and the absence of it causes detrimental effects to our health, to the point of leading us to death. There are also a lot to do with this solvent that is why it is also considered as the universal solvent. Apart from this, what are the other reasons why is water the universal solvent?

Water is known to be the universal solvent because of its ability to dissolve or mix with the other compounds. Because water molecule is comprised of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, this makes the solvent polar. Hydrogen atoms are known to be positive while oxygen atom is negative. So when a compound is mixed with water, the negative pole of that compound binds with the positive hydrogen, therefore causing the dilution phenomenon.

As stated above, human beings need water to survive. We take in different kinds of foods everyday and some of which produce toxins that are literally bad for the health and even the air we breathe may also cause toxic effects in our body. As a result of water being a universal solvent, it tends to purify these toxins when it reaches the kidneys and are eliminated through urination.

When we lose too much water, this paves way to dehydration which then gets worse when left untreated. That is why before getting dehydrated, we must replenish our water supply immediately to avoid health deterioration. This also applies when the temperature is way too hot (we loss more water when we sweat excessively) and when we indulge in endeavors that speed up water loss such as sport activities.

Also, water contains various minerals, nutrients and chemicals that are vital for our health. When we have sufficient amount of this solvent, we live up a healthy life as bodily needs are optimally met. Though water that is safe and clean to drink is not available in all areas, people must find ways to provide good source of potable water for daily needs.

Water, being a universal solvent, can also clean our skin, mouth and mucous membranes, for hygiene purposes such as brushing the teeth and washing our hands. We also need this for household use such as washing the clothes, dishes and utensils, cleaning basins, tubs and bathroom. Can we imagine if we have no water supply? It would be so difficult living our everyday lives without this solvent. That is why this reality prompts us to conserve more water as we know that our supply is diminishing each day.

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