Why do People Snore?

One of the most intriguing and commonly asked questions is why do people snore?  But first we have to define what snoring is.  Snoring is the noisy breathing sound produced while sleeping.  Many people find it annoying, since it can severely affect the sleep quality of your bed partner.  Unfortunately, snorers do not know that they snore because it happened during sleep.

Even though some individuals tend to think that snoring is a trivial issue, but for those who suffers from snoring and live with a snorer, it is a great matter.  There are actually couples splitting up because the snoring of their partners put a strain in the relationship.  Hence, snoring should not be taken lightly.

Since snoring can result to sleep deprivation, the affected person feels irritable, drowsy, and tired the following day.

Going back to the question raised earlier, why do people snore while they sleep?  In spite of technological advancements that made our live easy and convenient, people seemed to be stressed out more than ever.  As a result, in order to relieve the stress, some individuals tend to smoke and drink alcohol.  These vices are the answers as to why do people snore.

In the case of excessive alcohol drinking, this causative factor made some drinkers wonder why people snore when they are drunk.  To simply state, alcohol can cause the muscles in the mouth to relax, specifically the throat muscles.  Therefore, leading to poor muscle tone in the tongue and throat.  When relaxation occurs, it may result to obstruction or narrowing of the airway, hence, loud vibrating sound is produced.

Another interesting question related to snoring is why people snore when they get knock out.  Similarly, when a person is unconscious, the relaxation of the soft tissues, such as the uvula, tonsils and soft palate are causing the sound.

Nevertheless, the people who are often snore while sleeping are those that are overweight or obese, because the accumulation of fatty tissue in the neck can result to loss muscle tone.  Furthermore, medical conditions like cold, asthma, allergies and sinus infection may lead to breathing problems.  Also, aging is a factor that can lead to reduce muscle tone in the throat.

The existence of several anti-snoring products in the market just goes to show that snoring has become a serious problem, and that there are many individuals are suffering from it.  Some of the ‘anti-snoring’ products are chin straps, throat sprays, nasal strips, and snoring pillow.

Even though there are several causative factors on why do people snore, the common reason why it happened, is the relaxation of the muscles in the throat. therefore, narrowing the air passage.

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