Why do we Dream about Certain People?

All of us have already experienced having dreams at night. Sometimes these dreams are so good that we don’t even want to wake up. However, there are also dreams that are very disturbing and scary. These are otherwise known as nightmares. However, we can also sometimes experience dreaming about a particular person. This person could be our enemy, our friend, our mother, father or even someone that we don’t know personally. We all know that most of us have already experienced this kind of dream. However, only a few of us are aware of its true meaning and representation. So why do we dream about certain people?

First of all, dreams are products of our subconscious. When we sleep at night, our brain will not usually rest from working just like our body. It sometimes continues to process thoughts as well as other things in our minds even when we are unconscious from our sleep. This results to us having dreams. But what does it mean when we dream of someone? Most of us would think that whenever a certain “someone” like our crush in school or our business partner is included in our dreams, we tend to think that that person will play a significant role in our lives. Some even think that dreams are like forecasts that could tell what will happen to us in the future. Nonetheless, these speculations will remain as speculations since there is still no scientific proof as to what these dreams regarding another person will imply in our future.

Some even relate that dreams are effects of several factors such as stress and anxiety. Whenever we keep on thinking of a stressor such as our boss or our enemies, we sometimes carry it into out sleep. This allows our mind to produce images of this “certain” stressor in our dreams. Constant thinking of another person can also result to having him or her in our dreams. A perfect example of this is when we are in love or even infatuated in another person that we tend to carry this thought into our dreams. However, this does not prove anything that we are already destined to have this person, which most of us would love to happen.

In summary, there are indeed a lot of reasons and explanations as to why we dream of another person. Some of these causes are already stated above. Dreams may not have any connections to our future, but one thing that is great about them is that they do not come with a price tag, which means, everyone can dream!

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