Why do People Need Pacemakers?

Our heart is probably the most vital organ in our body. Without the heart, life is not possible for us to sustain. Anatomically, our hearts are located inside the thoracic cavity along with the lungs. These organs are caged by our ribs in order to give them protection. Our hearts are made up of four chambers. These chambers are the receiving areas for blood in order for it to be oxygenated and pump backed into the different parts of our bodies. The pumping function or activity of the heart works because of the electrical impulses being produce by our natural pacemakers. These natural pacemakers, namely the SA node, AV node, purkinje fibers and the bundle of his, are the ones responsible for the continuous contraction needed by the heart so as to sustain blood flow. However, certain problems regarding these pacemakers could also occur making them ineffective in doing their jobs properly. This results to heart dysfunctions which can lead us to certain complications as well as death. Because of this condition, artificial pacemakers are now being recommended.

Why do people need pacemakers? A lot of us may have heard these things, but only a few are really aware of their purposes. Pacemakers, specifically the artificial ones, are used as substitutes or aids to slow or dysfunctional natural pacemakers of our hearts. These medical devices do have electrodes that are responsible for producing the needed electrical impulses in order to maintain the regular contraction of the heart muscles. This then normalizes or regulates our heart beat.  The artificial pacemakers are used in conditions where the heart’s natural pacemakers are incapable of creating regular and consistent impulses. This can likewise be due to heart blocks, which hinders the travel of the impulses to the entire heart muscle.  Some of these artificial pacemakers are programmed by medical experts in order to allow them to control the rate or the right pacing of the pacemakers.  These devices are also used in order to synchronize the pumping time of the chambers in order to expel sufficient amount of blood to the system.

These are basically the answers as to why people need pacemakers. Using these extremely helpful devices will not only regulate our heart’s pumping capacity but it can also aid in delivering enough oxygenated blood to the different tissues of the body. Because of these wonderful artificial pacemakers, more and more lives are being spared or saved. These things are, without a doubt, one of the best products of modern technology.

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