Why Do People Live Near Volcanoes?

Hawaii: a perfect spot for beach lovers all over the world. With its long stretches of golden sand, crystal blue waters, powerful waves, and luscious fruits, Hawaii is truly a paradise. A paradise built on a liquid-rock-discharging land form. Yes, that’s right. Hawaii sits on a volcano. In fact, the islands are formed from a volcanic eruption. The islands themselves are the volcanoes. You’re now probably wondering why there are still people living in Hawaii even when it does not seem to be fit for habitation.

However, Hawaii is just one among many places in the world that have people living near volcanoes. So why do people live near volcanoes? Why would there be people willing to risk their lives and live in such a dangerous place? Well, there are some reasons behind these odd decisions on where to live, although, some reasons may vary depending on the person. After all, the one who lives near these volcanoes are the ones who made and continually make the decision.

Reason number one is that the soil around a volcano is very fertile. When a volcano erupts, it releases many different chemical gases and minerals that enrich the soil making the soil good for planting various crops and other plants. With soil this rich, who wouldn’t want to inhabit in a land near a volcano?

Another reason is volcanoes are a good source of geothermal power, a certain form of energy harvested from the heat given off by the land. So volcanoes do not only provide fertile soil for farming but also provide energy to power a city.

Why do people live near volcanoes? Other than, rich soils and energy, volcanoes are also a great magnet for tourists. They attract tourists like flowers attract bees. Tourists just can’t help but to go to volcanic sites. With the magnificent views and the wonderful display of magma flowing, who could blame these tourists from trying to get a closer look? Volcanoes are not only for sight-seeing. If you have a volcano, you also have hot springs. Hot springs are a great way to relax and a great way to get people to come to your place. This is why many have set up resorts with hot springs. And with a booming tourism, towns will surely flourish and cities will bloom. Tourism provides a means for living to various local inhabitants.

So are you still wondering why people are  liveing near volcanoes? If you still think the risks of living in such dangerous places are far greater than the opportunities they provide, well some have personal reasons. Some people have lived in those areas all their life. Some even have their ancestors born in those areas and leaving these places could mean heartbreak. And some may be just attracted to the adventures volcanoes provide while others simply find moving out to be expensive.

For whatever reasons people have to living in the dangerous slopes of a volcano, it’s still their choice. People should just know when it is time to leave their homes.

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