Why do People Eat Placentas?

What is placenta? Placenta is considered as an organ that aids in the nutrient supplementation of the developing fetus. It likewise serves as a passageway for waste product elimination as well as oxygenation which is received through the blood supply of the mother. Without this organ, the baby will not be able to survive the environment inside the mother’s uterus. Nevertheless, placentas are not only useful inside the womb, but as well as outside. You would usually think that once the placenta is expelled from the uterus, it is no longer considered essential. What you don’t know is that placentas do still have benefiting effects especially when they are being ingested. There are even cultures that eat placenta due to its rich nutrients and other countless advantages. This is otherwise known as placentophagy which is derived from the word “phagy” which means to eat or to swallow.

Why do people eat placenta? The ingestion of this organ is connected to a lot of reasons. There are actually a number eat placenta benefits. One of this is due to its high nutrient consistency. Some cultures believe that these nutrients found in placenta could help nourish the body. This is also the reason why a lot of animals, including herbivores, eat their baby’s placenta right after birth. Another known cause for eating placenta is that it is believed to cure or prevent post partum depression in women, as well as other post birthing complications. Nevertheless, many experts have already revealed that eating placenta has no connection in the occurrence of post partum depression since it is mostly related to psychological factors. Doctors actually discourage this practice or belief, knowing that fresh placenta ingestion could actually result to a lot of health risks such as HIV, Hepatitis and other infections.

Can you eat placenta? Since a lot of cultures eat this, placenta can actually be ingested, however, eating it is not basically recommended. There are other cultures that consider the placenta as the twin sibling of the baby. They usually plant the placenta with a seed in order for it to grow as a tree together with the child.

Up until now, there are still no proofs that could defend the positive benefits of placentophagy. However, if you would like to try this unusual practice, then it is entirely up to you to do it. Just keep in mind both the positive as well as the negative effects it could give to your health.

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