Where is Statue of Liberty Located?

The Statue of Liberty is an immense work of art that is visited by thousands of people annually from all over the world. The picturesque statue from afar stirs up American history as well as French history as this was a joint project by both powerful nations. But in real light, this was a gift to United States of America by the French people that up to these days, the statue is known to mark the American Centennial.

The Statue of Liberty, sculpted by Frederic Bartholdi, is represented by a robed female figure, Libertas, also known to be the Roman goddess of freedom. The figure holds a torch and a tablet evoking the law in which the American Declaration of Independence w as engraved, as this is popularly known as the emblem of freedom for the country. The sculpture also depicts emancipation from colonialism as a broken chain can be observed at the feet of Libertas.

Where is Statue of Liberty located? People can witness this immense sculpture in Upper New York Bay at the Liberty Island, located at the southern part of Ellis Island. The island, measuring 59, 558 square meters, comes in between the boundaries of New York and New Jersey but its built portions and docks fall under the jurisdiction of New York City.

This small and uninhabited island also has a little history. This served as a place for quarantine for people affected with smallpox during the 18th century. This was also a summer sanctuary for the Earl of Cassils as well as a rental property and an area provided to keep safe Tory refugees. The Liberty Island had once been a lighthouse before eventually becoming a defensive port and at the present, a notable home of the great Statue of Liberty.

Tourists from all around the globe can witness the powerful sculpture by taking a ferry ride operated by Statue Cruises since 2007. People cannot dock their private boats at Liberty Island that is why it is compulsory to take the ferry which departs from Liberty State Park in Jersey City and Battery Park located in Lower Manhattan.

There is no payment imposed upon entering the Statue of Liberty National Monument but when they want to get inside the statue’s base and pedestal, they can do this given they have a complimentary ticket or pedestal ticket. The thrill does not only stop at the base and at the pedestal as they can further reach the crown when they have obtained special tickets that usually takes a yearlong of reservation. There are only limited 240 people a day that can get to the top and they are subjected to security check prior to ascending and all other things, except for medications and cameras, are left inside a locker as they make their way to the crown.

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