When was the First Phone Invented?

Telephones are part of everyday life. Almost every home has a phone installed. Every establishment needs a phone line. Offices have multiple phones for doing their business. Phones are a necessity today. And there are many things that you can get just by calling. You could dial on a restaurant’s number and have food delivered. You could simply call to get information on whatever you like. You could call service centers and have people check a problem in your house. And you could dial 911 for help in any emergency.

Telephones and mobile phones help a lot in keeping in touch with the world outside. Feeling a bit lonely, you call a friend so you could catch up on things. You get in touch with family through telephones and mobile phones. It’s practically the easiest way to contact a loved one. And so I can just imagine how difficult things were back at the time when people had to wait for days and weeks for a letter. People had to wait for a long time for a telegram to tell them how things are back at home. This brings me to wonder how the telephone was invented. When was the first phone invented?

The first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. In the 1870s, both he and Elisha Gray were working on the device separately. Alexander Graham Bell was doing his own research on the telephone while Elisha Gray did his. Bell patented his design first making him the inventor of the telephone. However, Alexander Graham Bell did not work alone. He enlisted the help of an electrician named Thomas Watson in order to achieve his idea of a telephone.

Bell worked on his telephone based on the existing telegraph system at his time. He had an extensive knowledge about sound that helped him in his quest for a device that could transmit sounds over a piece of wire. On October of 1874, Bell was able to get the financial backing he needed from Gardiner Greene Hubbard. And it wasn’t until June 2, 1875 that Bell was able to hear the first sound. And by March 10, 1876, the telephone was invented and the era of telegraphs ended. The first words spoken through the telephone was by Bell himself. It was addressed to his assistant, Thomas Watson who was in the next room. And the famous first words were “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.”

So, thanks a lot Mr. Bell for inventing the great telephone.

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