When to Get Yellow Fever Vaccination?

Even though we hate to admit it, our world is already filled with countless diseases. What’s even more unfortunate is that most of these diseases still don’t have any known cure or remedy. This is the reason why prevention is always the best option when it comes to dealing with these conditions. One known way of preventing a disease from affecting our systems is through vaccination.

Vaccination is considered an artificial active immunity transport. This means that a weakened or attenuated agent or toxin of a particular disease is being introduced in our bodies in order for our immune system to actively produce the needed antibodies for that type of pathogen. Health officials all over the world are using this kind of method with great success. Unfortunately, not all illnesses do have known vaccinations.

One type of disease, which uses this kind of prevention, is yellow fever. Yellow fever is a type of disease that is caused by the yellow fever virus. Just like malaria and dengue, this virus is also transported through mosquito bites. Most yellow fever cases are found in countries located in Africa as well as in some parts of South America. Signs and symptoms of this condition include jaundice or the yellowing color of the skin, fever accompanied by flu-like symptoms and hematemesis or vomiting of blood. In case the condition gets worse; our kidney, liver, and respiratory system could fail, which will eventually lead to death.

That is why in order for us to prevent this disease from affecting our health; we should always submit ourselves for vaccination. The yellow fever vaccination has been around for years already. A single shot of vaccine would usually last for 10 years of immunity. However, for some of us who are living in known epidemic areas, a follow up dose after 10 years is recommended.

When to Get Yellow Fever Vaccination?

So when do we get our yellow fever vaccination? This vaccine is only given to people who are 9 months and older. The administration of this vaccine is only given in approved health vaccinations centers by our local health department. After we are vaccinated, a yellow card or the International Certificate of Vaccination is being handed as a validation for the received dose. It is important for us to remember that yellow fever vaccine is only given to prevent only yellow fever and no more other types of diseases.

Who should receive the vaccine? The yellow fever vaccine is advisable for people who are aged 9 months and above. Even though is given to people who are living in high-risk areas, frequent travelers are also advised to take this shot. However, vaccines are not recommended if we have some of the following factors.

  • Grave allergic reactions to eggs, gelatin or chicken
  • Age is below 9 months or older than 65 years
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding females
  • Past health problems (may require further discussion with our doctor)

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