When did the Revolutionary War Begin and End?

The United States of America is one of the powerful nations in the world today. But before becoming a great country as it is now, America had gone through difficulties, oppression and cruelty from colonizers in the past. They suffered from defeats and people cried from the mistreatments of other countries’ dominion over their own land. One of the countries that took charge of America back in history was the Kingdom of Great Britain.

The Great Britain took over USA in quest for greater power and more lands to conquer. Like any other colonizers, the King of England made the Americans do a lot of things that were against them. This caused strife between the two countries until the Revolutionary War broke out. This is one famous war in American history and we are about to learn when did the Revolutionary War begin and end.

The American Revolutionary War or also called the American War of Independence did not start because of one sole reason. The battle was the result of series of events and this included the oppression they had undergone due to their colonizer. But when the King of England insisted to make the Americans pay taxes, as imposed on the Stamp Act of 1765, they were very angry. The American people saw this as an unjust proclamation, as they protested paying high taxes to the King of England, when in fact they are living in their own country.

Because the Americans did not pay taxes, the King sent an army to America and continually made them pay what the King demanded from them, which they persistently refused to do. Then the American started the war in 1775 with the English army. The leader of the American army was George Washington and the war affected almost all American states and because they were not that powerful during the Revolutionary War, America was defeated by the British army.

But this did not make them surrender to fight for their independence. In 1778, Americans signed an agreement with France over trade and commerce and France then became their ally. Because of the powerful help of French army, the Americans won the succeeding war and eventually gained their independence as they were victorious over their once-had-been colonizer.

The Revolutionary War ended in 1783 through the signing of the Treaty of Paris. From then on, Americans experienced relief from oppression and tasted what it feels like to be free.

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