When did Christianity Start?

God created the heavens and the earth. He is the Creator of everything and this includes us, human beings. This world has so many religions, denominations or groups and oftentimes has been the cause of divisiveness and turbulence among people due to conflicts in beliefs and traditions. But instead of fighting or debating what group is better and acceptable in the eyes of God, we should create harmony and peace as this settles any wars between us. Religion actually is not what God looks within us. It is our dedication, faith and love for Him that He wants from us that is why we must only seek Him as He is the truth, the way and the life.

Many of us would ask, “When did Christianity start?” Christianity started around 2000 years ago. Jesus started His ministry and taught the Word of God from village to village and in synagogues. He was a Jew and this means He observed Jewish faith. Many followed Him and this included His 12 Apostles. His Apostles were also of Jewish faith and they traveled with Jesus during His ministry. They helped spread the Good News and captured more believers. Jesus instilled in the minds and hearts of the people that they should repent their sins, stop hypocrisy and any forms of unrighteousness. He taught all about the Kingdom of God and how one should follow only what God wants for His children.

If there were many believers at that time, there were also many unbelievers and there were a lot in opposition with His teachings. Despite of the miracles and teachings Jesus revealed in this world, many had gone astray and fell deeper to sin. Many had stoned Him and ordered to crucify Him on the cross. Man had really gone bad and this lost their relationship with God. Jesus was crucified and this alone was an unjust action. But did He lose his love for the humanity? No, Jesus even saved the people from all their sins through His death on that cross. He never failed to love His children as He paid all their debts through His sufferings.

After the Messiah died, the Apostles continued to preach the Word of God and Christianity spread all over the world. Christians must always dwell with God’s Words and must live according to His will. We should believe in Him and glorify Him and offer Him the best through our praises and worship, as He deserves more than these.

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