What is the Smallest Gun in the World?

Guns are known as deadly weapons, which means it can kill people or cause serious injuries. A person needs to have a license or permit to carry a gun to make it legal, therefore preventing any arrest warrants. There are many types of guns in the world and their sizes also vary from big sizes to small sizes.

Talking about sizes of guns, what is the smallest gun in the world? This is interesting to know as who would have thought a gun could come as small as 2 inches long and fires for about 300 mph bullets? The smallest gun is the Swiss Mini Gun that was manufactured by a gunsmith at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Despite of its small size, this gun is considered as a fatal weapon as it can cause death especially when fired at close range.

The world’s smallest revolver measures 2.16 inches and weighs 19.8 grams. It can fire six bullets, as tiny as 2.34 mm caliber bullets, up to 112 meter range. Because of its ability to kill, its release is made limited only and some countries like the United States and UK ban the importation of this gun as it is considered as a lethal machine. Other places in Europe would require an import permit issued by the police to allow one to acquire this gun.

A forensic scientist and firearms expert in the name of Jonathan Spencer shared that the world’s smallest gun is a fatal machine as it can penetrate heart, bones and skin, which then causes death even when the bullets are minute-sized.

According to Paul Erard, the owner of the company that manufactures the smallest revolver, they only produce limited number of this gun per year. Only 25 gold versions and 100 steel guns are produced annually and customers have to wait for many months, as long as six months, before they can acquire this gun.

The guns can be made personalized as well. The company makes the gun according to the preferences of those who ordered it. It may come in ebony and gold grips, may have engraved hand grips, gold chains and may even have diamonds or other precious stones on it. No wonder why this gun is sold with a hefty price. A regular stainless steel gun costs £3,000 while those with luxurious additions may be priced £30,000 and so far this price has been the most expensive.

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