What is The Slowest Insect in the World?

In the animal kingdom, we know that the fastest land creature is the cheetah, which runs at an awesome speed of 70 MPH. We also know that the biggest animal on earth is a blue whale weighing at around 180 metric tons and a length of 108 feet. Now that is big! However, does anyone know what is the slowest insect in the world?

Up until now, there is still no known final answer to this question. We know that there are countless numbers of insect species these days. This makes it extremely difficult to determine which one hold the record as the slowest insect in the world. However, many experts have determined some insects as one of the few candidates for this title. The first insect considered as the slowest in motion is the wheel bug.

Wheel Bug

The wheel bug, which is scientifically called Arilus cristatus, is a small insect that measures at about 1 to 1.5 inches. This insect is covered with a thick black armor that serves as their shield from predators. This kind of bug is classified under true bugs such as beetles, Ladybugs and stink bugs. Just like the rest of the true bugs, wheel bugs are also capable of flying; however, they fly exceedingly slow while producing a loud buzzing sound. These bugs do have long legs that are capable of giving them long, but slow strides. These bugs are also carnivorous feeding on smaller and fleshy insects such as caterpillars. These bugs may be difficult to detect because of their size and color, however, as soon as we see them, it would be easier for us to catch them knowing that they move at a very lethargic pace.


Another bug considered as the slowest insect in the world is the slug. Slugs are fleshy looking insects that resemble like a stout worm. These slugs are also remarkably similar to snails. The only difference is that snails do carry shells with them for their protection. These slugs do have a slimy appearance and moves at about 0.0028 to 0.013 m/s. With this speed, snails and slugs are considered one of the slowest insects in the world.

Determining the exact answer to this question is very difficult to do since insects are terribly hard to measure. Nevertheless, if we are going to choose which one is the slowest insect in the world, then the wheel bug and the slugs are the best answer.

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