What is the Slowest Dinosaur?

Dinosaurs are some of the most amazing things that walked this earth. We picture dinosaurs as huge, absolutely gigantic creatures. Among the popular ones are the tyrannosaurus rex, commonly known as T-Rex, and the friendly brachiosaurus, popularly known as long neck. These are just a few of the dinosaurs that lived. They were even made more popular with the making of the blockbuster film Jurassic Park.

And as you have seen in the movie (if you actually watched it), there are various types and sizes of dinosaurs. They can also go at different speeds. Some can run or fly really fast. Others move even slower than humans do. Then, what are these slow moving dinosaurs? Or better yet, what is the slowest dinosaur?

We can’t exactly say what is the fastest because they lived long before we did. But some palaeontologists were able to come up with an equation that could compute for the speed of dinosaurs. They determined the speed through the length of the stride and the leg multiplied to the gravitational constant. And with this equation, we have some contenders for the slowest dinosaur.

First up are the sauropodamorphs. They basically have the same speed as that of a walking human. They go at about 5km/h. So yes, they are indeed pretty slow. The sauropodamorphs are massive dinosaurs with short legs. And this is why they are so slow. They don’t need to run after food as well, since trees don’t move from one place to another. And with their size, they are not highly threatened by predators.

Next are the stegosaurs and the ankylosaurs. These dinosaurs are herbivores just like the sauropodamorphs but they are a little faster. They can go at about 6 to 8 km/h. What make them slow are their heavily armored bodies. They have tank-like bodies with thick, oval-shaped plates and rows of spikes covering their leathery skin. And they don’t really need speed to protect themselves from predators. They can take on carnivorous dinosaurs with their armored bodies, horned heads, and huge club-like tails.

Most sauropods walk at about 12 to 17 km/h with a maximum speed of 20 to 30 km/h. They are about just as fast as a sprinting human with a speed of 23 km/h.

For things as protected as these dinosaurs, there is no need for speed because they don’t have to run away to fend themselves. But for those who aren’t, speed is all they can rely on.

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