What is the Largest Great White Shark in the World?

The first time I ever developed my phobia of sharks was when I first saw Steven Spielberg’s classic movie Jaws. I was just a kid when my father rented a video of this movie for the whole family to see. As soon as I saw the huge jaws, the razor sharp teeth and the humongous body of the shark, I was immediately enveloped with fear from this denizen of the deep.

However, I cannot disagree that sharks are indeed fascinating creatures. These carnivorous fishes are considered the monsters of the sea and have already taken thousands of lives including humans. Sharks are also made up of different species. Some are small in size like the blue sharks, while others are gigantic like the whale sharks. However, none of these species of sharks is as dangerous and as vicious as the great whites. The great white shark, which is also the type of shark portrayed in “Jaws”, is known to be the hunter of the deep. For years, it has not only killed seals, dolphins and other animals, but as well as human beings. Aside from its powerful jaws and rugged teeth, the great white shark can also grow it enormous sizes. This puts the great white shark as one of the largest animals in the seas. But what is the largest great white shark in the world?

The great white shark can be spotted in a lot of different places in the world. The most common habitats of great white sharks include the Mediterranean Sea, the North East coast of the United States, South Africa and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It has been said that the average normal length or size of an adult great white shark ranges between 4 to 5 meters (13 to 16 feet). Its weight also varies between 700 to 1,100 kilograms. With these measurements, I can truly conclude that great white sharks are indeed massive. However, these days, shark experts have claimed that this type of shark can grow as big as 6 meters or roughly 20 feet. Its weight could also reach more or less 1,900 kilograms. Any finding that exceeds these limits is already considered doubtful or unusual. Nevertheless, the Guinness Book of World Records says otherwise. According to their list, the first ever largest great white shark caught or seen by man happened in the southern coast of Australia in the year 1870s. The shark mentioned here has a length that is almost double the expected maximum limit of great whites. It measures approximately 11 meters or 36 feet. This was beaten by another great white shark, which was found trapped on a herring wire in Canada in the year 1930. It has a huge length of 11.3 meters. However, this was toppled by the biggest great white shark found in history, which was seen in the Azores Islands of Portugal. Its length was an astounding 41.2 feet long making it truly the largest in world history. These facts by Guinness were, however, questioned by experts since measurements between 7.5 to 10 meters long (25 to 33 feet) were the only credible length limit of great white sharks.
As of now, the only recognized largest great white shark in history by researchers and shark experts was the one found off the coast of the Italian Island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea on the year 1987 by a person named Alfredo Cutajar. The specified shark has a length of 23 feet long, which was dubbed credible and realistic.

No matter what’s the size of these creatures are; the great white sharks are no animals to mess with. They are capable of splitting a human body in two without any effort. This absolutely qualifies them as one of the most dangerous animals on earth.

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