What is the Largest Dead Snake Ever Found?

Snakes are, without a doubt, one of the most feared creatures that ever lived on earth. Aside from its spine-tingling movement, some snakes are considered to be very deadly. Each type of snake can kill its prey in many different ways. The black mamba, as well as the king cobra, is known to secrete very potent toxins or poisons from their fangs thus killing their prey in seconds. However, larger snakes, such as the anaconda and the python, wrap their body around their victims in order to hold them securely and crush their bones before swallowing them in whole. No matter what way these snakes try to kill their victims, they are always seen as vicious and deadly.

Just like what is mentioned above, snakes also vary in size and length. Some can be as short as a ruler while others can grow even longer than the combined heights or lengths of five adult men. But what is the largest snake in the world and what is the largest dead snake ever found?

As of now, there are still no known evidences of the largest dead snake ever found in the world. However, the largest snake ever captured by men can be seen in Kendal, Java in Indonesia. This snake is none other than a reticulated python. This python holds the current record with a massive length of approximately 49 feet. Its weight is 938 lbs, which is almost 10 times heavier than an adult man. This python has been seen in one of the local tribes in Indonesia. The tribes were considering the gigantic animal as their leader or master. Experts say that the snake grew this big since the tribes people were feeding it with five whole canines or dogs in a month. Nevertheless, this snake is now being enclosed on a zoo in Curugsewu village, in the island of Java.

Because of its massive length, this python has beaten effortlessly the current record holder which is a Burmese python. Its length is just more than half of the Indonesia snake which is 32 feet long. Its weight, however, did not even reach half the weight of the reticulated python which is only at 402 pounds.

Reticulated pythons are known to be the world’s longest along with the anacondas. Most pythons can eat animals as large as goats, dogs and sheep. Their known habitat is the rain forests of South East Asia, where Indonesia is located. Even though there are still no evidences of what’s the largest dead snake ever found, this reticulated python is the current largest snake in the world, whether dead or alive.

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