What is the fastest train in the world?

Time is gold! A lot of us consider time to be as precious as money. This is the reason why we always find ways to create or invent things that could help us save or gain extra time. Such things include computers and other office machines, which could cut down work effort tremendously. Other inventions are also designed to speed things up in terms of transportation. This includes some of the world’s fastest trains. Most of us would consider riding an airplane if we are in a hurry. However, traveling by train could not be as slow as we think. Nowadays, trains all over the world are being upgraded in order to travel at top speed. This makes it very convenient for travelers as well as business men and women. So what is the fastest train in the world?

For more than 40 years, Japan’s “bullet train” or Shinkansen line has been recognized as one of the world fastest train. This is Japan’s version of a commuter train. In just a day, the Shinkansen line transports approximately a million people, which is more or less 100 million in a year. This train runs on electric train-tracks and is praised by many engineers for its aerodynamic advantage. It has a velocity of 285 miles per hour, which is twice the speed of the fastest North American train. What is remarkable about the Shinkansen line is that it makes use of its own tracks. This means that no other train can hinder or delay the speed of the Shinkansen. Its tracks or rail ways are also designed to avoid any sharp turns thus preventing the need for the train to slow down. Its curves are long and sweeping, making it easy for the train to swerve and follow the track in high speed. Its body is also made of light materials such as titanium, aluminum and plastic. This helps the train in charging with full force.

The Shinkansen train is also named as the most punctual train in the world with an average delay of only 6 seconds. This is made possible by the Shinkansen control center, where the speed and timing of each train is being monitored. Once the train is slowing down, a green light will signal the driver informing him to speed up. The train’s external facade is also designed to improve its overall velocity. The train’s nose is shaped similar to an airplane’s wings making it travel a lot faster. This train model is known as the N700 and was released on 2007. Since Japan is also a winter country, water sprinkles on the side of the tracks are available in order to defrost the train from the buildup of ice. This allows the train to maintain its desired speed even if it is snowing.

The Shinkansen is indeed one fast train, which is why it is considered as the best way to go around Japan. There are also other countries that are trying to produce their own fast trains. France’s TVG train line is seen to get the record as it tries to break the 200 mile barrier, which no other train has tried before. Other recognized fast trains include China’s CRH 2, Taiwan’s THSR, Korea’s KTX and Spain’s AVE.

As we can see, most of the mentioned countries are in Asia. This only proves that Asian countries are always on top of their game when it comes to electronics and technology.

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