What is the fastest snake in the world?

Ophidiophobia. This word is used to term individuals who are extremely afraid or fearful of snakes. It is true that the majority of people in this world are scared of snakes. This is probably due to its scaly appearance, inch-long fangs or poisonous strikes.

Nevertheless, we cannot deny that snakes are very fascinating creatures. If all the frightening facts about snakes are removed, these creatures are basically just like any other animals on earth; they eat, they lay eggs, they sleep and they also die. Nowadays, there are already hundreds of species of snakes in the world. Some are as big as tree trunks such as the boa constrictor, anaconda and python while others are as small as drinking straws such as garter snakes. There are also snakes that can move very swiftly. People may find this unusual because snakes don’t have any legs or feet for them to use in running. However, it is indeed true that there are some that can slither at a very impressive velocity. So what is the fastest snake in the world?

The answer to this question is none other than Africa’s black mamba. Yes, it may come as a shock because most people would usually relate a black mamba as the world’s deadliest snake. Nonetheless, this creature is also considered as the fastest of the bunch. This aggressive land snake can be seen in some tropical regions of southern Africa. The black mamba can go to a speed of 12 miles per hour or roughly 18 kilometers per hour. Some people even say that a black mamba is capable of outrunning a galloping horse. Although it is considered a fast land snake, this statement is technically false. Nevertheless, black mambas are still very difficult to avoid especially if it is trying to attack.

Black MambaThe black mamba’s speed, however, is not sustained at long periods. Mambas are known to move in this velocity only in short bursts or strikes. Some people may be wondering what does a black mamba looks like. Black mambas are not exactly black in color. The bodies of these snakes are actually in shades of grey. But why not call them grey mamba instead? The word black is associated with the color of the mamba’s mouth. This, however, is only noticeable once it tries to open its mouth to attack. Black mamba’s can grow as long as 14 feet, nevertheless, its length and weight does not hinder it from striking very quickly. It usually slithers across the grounds with its head held high which can reach more or less 4 feet high. Because of all of these qualities, the black mamba earned its title as the most feared and deadly snake, not just in Africa, but in the entire world.

In summary, the black mamba is considered as the world’s deadliest, fastest and one of the largest snakes on earth. Without a doubt, the only best way for people to witness and marvel at these creatures is just by watching them on TV’s National Geographic.

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