What is the Fastest Pitch ever Thrown?

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown in the history of baseball? This is one question that opens an opportunity for debate for all the historians, researchers, experts and fans alike. As early as 1914, people have been trying to record the speed of pitchers. Different ways of recording speed were tried, and some were tested to be inaccurate. In fact, a lot were proven to be inaccurate. These inaccuracies became the argument in the debates that people have up to this day. This leaves certain people confused as to what the fastest pitch ever thrown is. However, there are still some other people who strongly stick to what they believe to be as the fastest pitch.

There are people who recognize Lynn Nolan Ryan as the pitcher who gave the fastest pitch ever. His record was said to be 100.9 miles per hour, in a game played in August 20, 1974 versus the Detroit Tigers. This speed was clocked by the Guinness Book of World Records, and up until now, that record is still included in the book. This record of speed even earned him the nickname, The Ryan Express. Another guy whose pitch was considered the fastest is Robert William Andrew Feller, also known as Bob Feller. During Bob Feller’s time in the major leagues, people used photo-electric cells to settle arguments regarding who was the real speedball king when it comes to the major leagues. Through these tests, Feller claimed that he was clocked at 107.9 miles per hour, making him known as Rapid Robert. However, experts of today do not recognize this pitch speed since there is not enough data to support the accuracy of the meter.

Today, modern pitchers’ performances are being measured by Radar guns, and this set the fastball bar at 100 miles per hour. Scoreboards in almost every ballpark can now easily flash the pitch speed of players. And in the new millennium, since the glorious days of Bob Feller and Nolan Ryan, one man has claimed the record for the fastest pitch. In the year 2006, Joel Martin Zumaya topped the record with a 104.8 pitch speed. Zumaya, who was playing for the Detroit Tigers, finally broke the record with this game against the New York Yankees. Zumaya, or Zoom Zoom to the baseball world citizens, defended his throne until last September 24, 2010. On this day, a new name conquered the pitch record. Albertin Aroldis Chapman now came in to the picture. So what is his pitch speed? Today, what is the fastest pitch ever thrown? Records and witnesses claim that the fastest pitch ever thrown is now 105.1 miles per hour courtesy of Aroldis Chapman, who might just get a nickname that is fit perfectly for his pitch record.

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