What is the fastest object in the universe?

Universe. Every time we hear this word, we always associate it with something that is huge and massive. Because of its infiniteness, it is common for us to discover a lot of things in the universe. This includes dazzling bright lights as well as wonderful constellations. The universe is also home to a lot of mysteries and secrecy. Because of our limitation in discovering the entire universe, a lot of questions regarding the “beyond” are still left unanswered. Nevertheless, we were still able to produce some reliable responses to these uncertainties with the help of our present technology. And one of these uncertainties is the question, what is the fastest object in the universe?

Here on earth, we are capable of creating or inventing high-tech objects that can run, work or move very fast. However, none of these man-made items can ever match with the speed of nature. One of nature’s products is none other than light. Until now, none of our inventions could even come close to ¼ of the speed of light. This makes light as the fastest object in the universe. Scientists have discovered that light can travel in a vacuum with a speed of approximately 299,792,458 meters per second. With this unimaginable speed, light definitely holds the top spot in terms of velocity. In order for us to picture this better, light can travel around the world a little more than 7 times in a second. Now that is faster than anything that we could ever imagine. Even superman cannot beat the speed of light!

I few were to talk about a concrete object in the universe, the Pulsars are probably the fastest spinning object in the universe. Pulsars are recognized as stars and could spin at about 50,000 kilometers per second. This speed is more or less 60% of the total speed of light. Others have even concluded that all mass-less particles do have the same speed of that of light. This means that gravity, which is considered mass-less, can move as fast as light does. Also, in an electromagnetic spectrum, radio waves and x-rays do travel similar to the velocity of light.

Knowing exactly what the fastest object in the universe is can be a little tricky. As of now, light is the one being considered as the fastest because, unlike the other mass-less particles, it is a lot visible and can be seen easily by the naked eye. Just like what is mentioned earlier, the universe is a vast dimension. As human beings, our curiosity will never end. However, if truth be told, we haven’t discovered yet more than 1% of the total mysteries the universe holds.

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