What is the Fastest Horse in the World?

Horses are one of the animals that were bred for a long time now. They are used by mankind for profitable activities such as calf-roping, driving and other equestrian activities. The most popular among these activities is horse racing, of course. Competitive horse racing is one of mankind’s most ancient sports. This ancient sport originated from the nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia, having first domesticated horses about 4500 BC. Horse racing has been a sport of the elite, of kings and nobility. This lasted for thousands of years. But in our modern world today, horse racing has become a venue for legalized gambling, and a form of entertainment for members of all social classes.

Now, you might wonder which among all the horses that ran is the fastest. From all the race records that we have, we might be able to identify what is the fastest horse in the world. There are many types of racing, and they vary pretty much by country that sports this race. Commonly, there is the Thoroughbred flat racing, Standardbred horse racing, Quarter horse racing, and other combinations of these races. From these races, many thoroughbred horses stood at the top of the line. Thoroughbred winners have an average speed of 17 m/s, this is roughly 38 mph. However, these horses are only among the fastest race horses out there. So what is the fastest horse in the world?

For the record, the world’s fastest horse is the American Quarter Horse. This quarter horse has a record sprint of 20 m/s or about 50 mph. American Quarter Horse is an American breed of horse that has an adaptability that allows it to be used in a number of different occupations. Such occupations involve trail riding, rodeo, horse shows, and even urban mounted police works. Many quarter horses are bred into having distinct qualities that are fit for the kind of occupation that they have.

There are mainly two body types for these quarter horses. The first one is the stock type. Stock types are physically more compact and muscular, and are nonetheless agile. The other type is the racing type. Racing type quarter horses are taller and have smoother muscles compared to the stock type ones. The body structure of these racing type horses are typically trained to be fit for winning quarter mile sprints. In fact, they’ve been bred so well that the record sprint these quarter horses hold is a dashing 24.6 m/s or roughly 55 mph. Now this is real horsepower.

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