What is the Fastest Bird in the World?

Birds are one of the most common and abundant animals on earth. Nowadays, there are already thousands of species of birds that are known to man. Although they all belong to the bird family, these species also differ from each other in terms of size, characteristics, appearance and also speed. Some birds fly at a very low speed while others can’t even fly at all. However, there are indeed also birds that can fly very fast. In fact, these birds use this specific power as an advantage for them to hunt and kill their prey. But what is the fastest bird in the world?

Most of us would think that the fastest bird in the world is the ostrich. This is actually true when it comes to land speed. The ostrich can actually run at a speed of at least 40 miles per hour. This could be the fastest bird on land, but when it comes to flying (ostriches don’t fly), the number one fastest animal is the Peregrine falcon. This bird is in fact, not only the fastest among birds, but is also recognized as the fastest among all other animals. This amazing falcon has a cruising speed that could reach the speeds of 55 to 68 mph. Take note, this speed is only when the bird is cruising, but when it starts to stoop or fly its fastest, it can go very fast which can reach approximately 99 to 273 mph! This is faster than any other living thing on air, land and in water.

Peregrine falcons are actually close to humans. This is the reason why a lot of peregrine falcons are already tamed by men and are commonly used in falconry. They are even used in finding food due to their great skills in hunting. The female peregrines are also slightly larger and more powerful than the males. This is why female peregrines are the only ones called as falcons, while male peregrines are known to be tierce, which means third.

Despite being close to humans, peregrines are known to be vicious when it comes to hunting. They are also referred to as raptors since they do attack and kill in order to get their food. They are also designed to hunt and kill for food since they have sharp beaks to tear flesh, large and keen eyes for spotting their prey and sharp and powerful talons or claws to grab their victim off the ground or water. Aside from this, the most common preys of the peregrine falcons are smaller birds such as pigeons, ducks, pheasants and blackbirds. Their speed is very handy in attacking these creatures since it gives them not time at all to escape. Their speed also makes their prey unconscious due to the fast blow it takes when diving for the target. Sometimes, these victims die instantly due to the severe and brutal impact or blow on their body. These are some of the interesting details about the fastest bird in the world, which is the peregrine falcon.

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