What is the Difference between Coke and Pepsi?

Soft drinks are one of the most popular beverages these days. Aside from being refreshing and thirst-quenching, soft drinks are also loved by many due to its unique and different flavors. Some even come in different colors and packages making them look more distinct and appealing for the public. Nowadays, more and more brands of soft drinks are entering the market due to the overwhelming demand for these beverages. However, if we were to single out two of the most popular soft drinks, then without a doubt, Coke and Pepsi will emerge on top. These two brands of soft drinks have been in the industry for years already and both are considered as two of the top selling soft drink beverages in the world. However, what is the difference between Coke and Pepsi?

Coke VS Pepsi

Both Coca Cola and Pepsi are carbonated drinks that a lot of people drink almost every day. Both soft drinks also look very similar to each other in terms of its color, which is why both received the same nicknames as black soft drinks. Aside from this, both brands also use almost the same ingredients and likewise carry the same amount of calories. Because of these, it makes it hard for most people to differentiate one from the other. Nevertheless, Coke and Pepsi can still be recognized through their packaging and taste.


Basing on their brand names alone, we can already tell that Coke and Pepsi are different from each other. Coca Cola or Coke is a worldwide popular carbonated drink. This was first concocted by a man named John Pemberton in the year 1886 not as a drink but as a cocaine containing medicine. However, in the year 1930, the cocaine content of coke was removed, which later developed into soft drink. Coke contains several ingredients such as sugar, phosphoric acid, artificial flavorings, carbonated water and caffeine. The caffeine content in Coke was usually extracted from Kola nuts. These nuts contain approximately 3% of caffeine adding a slight bitter taste to the beverage. Nowadays, coke comes in different packages. Some come in 8 oz, 12 oz, 1 liter, 1.5 liter and 2 liter bottles while some also come in can packages. A 335 ml can of coke roughly contains about 140 calories. These days, the Coca Cola Company has also produced several other versions of Coke such as the caffeine free coke, vanilla coke, diet coke, coke zero and a lot more. These new versions have appealed quite well in the public especially since some of them contain less to no calories. Because of Coke’s commanding success in the business, many have speculated that a secret ingredient is usually added called the 7x, which enhances the flavor and the appeal to the public. This ingredient, however, still remains a mystery.


Pepsi, on the other hand, first originated as a Brad’s drink in North Carolina, USA in the year 1893. This is called as such since the name of the manufacturer of Pepsi is Caleb Bradham. This drink was first invented in a pharmacy and was intended to become a digestive beverage that can boost the energy level. The name Pepsi Cola was derived from an enzyme called pepsin, which is found in the stomach as a digestive enzyme. Aside from its unique name, Pepsi also has several different logos. This soft drink brand is known to change its logo almost every year in order to constantly improve its appeal in the public. Nevertheless, the constant change in logo failed to impress some users since it gives hesitations in accepting a new face in the soft drink. Some of the common ingredients of Pepsi include sugar, phosphoric acid, caramel color, citric acid, corn syrup, natural flavors and caffeine. This too comes in different size packages and a can of Pepsi contains approximately 150 calories. This makes it a tad sweeter that the Coca Cola drink. Other brands of Pepsi include Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi and a lot more.

What are the Differences and Similarities of Coke and Pepsi?

One of the major differences between the two is their brand names per se. Coke and Pepsi are known to be great rivals in the soft drink industry. Both drinks are called black beverages, which makes the rivalry more intense. If we try to look at both of these drinks in a glass, we can definitely not see any difference between the two. If we were to select which one is Coke and which one is Pepsi, then we will absolutely have a hard time. This is how similar they are in terms of appearance. However, if we were taste these soft drinks, we can then tell immediately their difference. Pepsi cola is a significantly sweeter than Coke. This is due to the additional sweeteners that Pepsi use such as the corn syrup. In other words, Pepsi more likely has a fruity twist in its flavor while Coke is more on the cola taste. The carbonation level is also different from each other. Basing on their taste, we can say that coke is more carbonated than Pepsi, which has a frizzier effect. Coke is also defined as a smooth drink since the carbon escapes from the drinker quicker than Pepsi. Pepsi on the other hand has used more branding techniques than Coke. This is linked to the constant change of Pepsi logo as to compare to Coke’s enhanced but still similar logo from the beginning.

Summary or conclusion

Base on our discussion we can definitely tell that Coke and Pepsi differ on their packaging and logos. As for taste, Pepsi is sweeter than Coke, but Coke is more carbonated than Pepsi. The branding techniques of Coke and Pepsi are also different since Pepsi prefers constant change, while Coke remains with the original design. These are just some of the main differences between two of the world’s soft drink giants, Coke and Pepsi. Nevertheless, it is still up to us, the consumers, to decide which one is better than the other.

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