What is the Deadliest Snake in Australia?

AUSTRALIA. One of the world’s richest countries in terms of natural resources and wildlife. Thousands of tourists from different countries all over the globe travel to visit this wonderful paradise down south. From its pristine white sand beaches to its hot and exotic outback, Australia is undoubtedly a jewel in the rough. Nevertheless, Australia is also home to the world’s most dangerous creatures. This includes giant Australian crocodiles, great white sharks as well as some of the world’s most venomous snakes. So what is the deadliest snake in Australia? Below are some of the top candidates for this category.

Western Brown Snake – The Western Brown Snake or scientifically called as Pseudonaja nuchalis is one of Australia’s deadliest snakes. This creature is located all over the Australian continent and is living on grasslands, plains, forests and even deserts. This snake can grow up to a meter and a half long and preys on smaller reptiles and mammals. It usually has a black head with dark line patterns all over the body. Some are even light brown in color.

Death Adder – Another deadly Australian snake is none other than the Death Adder or Acanthophis antarcticus. This usually has a length of more than a foot, but less than 2 feet. Just like the Western Brown Snake, the Death Adder can also be spotted all over the Australian mainland and usually resides on rocky locations. It also feeds on small mammals, birds and other reptiles and amphibians like frogs or lizards. What’s remarkable with the Death Adder is that it makes use of its tail as bait in order to trap its prey in a striking distance. It has a large triangular-shaped head with a short tail and brownish-red color. It also has a unique band-like pattern printed in its body.

Sea Kraits – This snake is highly similar to coral snakes. The Sea Kraits carry white and black stripes all over its body and can grow up to 2 meters long. It is seen on the North Eastern part of Australia where the Great Barrier Reef is located. This sea creature usually eats small fishes and eels. It also breeds by laying eggs just like most other snakes. The Sea Kraits is scientifically called Laticauda colubrina.

King Brown SnakeKing Brown Snake – The King Brown Snake or Pseudechis australis can grow as long as 2 meters. This venomous snake is considered one of the deadliest in the world which is identified by its reddish-brown color and unique markings. This is seen all across the Australian region including forests and deserts. It likewise feeds on smaller animals such as frogs and mice.

Inland Taipan (Fierce Snake) – From its name itself, the Inland Taipan is known as the fiercest snake in Australian and probably in the world. It has a maximum length of 2 meters and is seen in Central Australia’s grasslands and dry plains. The Inland Taipan or Oxyuranus microlepidotous breeds by laying eggs. It also feeds on small creatures and animals like frogs and lizards. Its venom is 300 times more toxic than that of a rattlesnake’s and 50 times more than a cobra’s. This signifies that the Inland Taipan is indeed the deadliest land snake on Earth.

These are just five of the many snakes that Australia breeds in its backyard. Knowing what is the deadliest snake in Australia doesn’t mean that people should start getting rid of them. It is necessary to know that snakes only attack if they are being triggered and aggravated. Want to know How to Catch a Snake?

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