What is the Biggest Volcanic Eruption?

Nature is beautiful! There is no doubt at how stunning God created the environment. We could see a lot of breathtaking views, marvelous landscapes as well as majestic land formations. However, nature can also show its evil side on men. An example of nature’s wrath is through volcanic eruptions. We cannot deny how awesome it is to look at the silhouette of mountains and volcanoes, nevertheless, once these land forms erupt the place will instantly become like hell on earth. Our earth has already experienced countless volcanic activities throughout history. Some of them may be as simple as sending small amount of smoke or ash into the air while there are also some that are able to kill thousands of people. So what is the biggest volcanic eruption in history? Here are some of the recorded eruptions that have made a huge and catastrophic conclusion.

Mt. Tambora

The Tamboran eruption happened on April 10, 1815 in the country Indonesia. Many volcanologists have labeled this eruption as the only VEI 7 (Volcano Explosivity Index) in the past 1,000 years. The Volcano Explosivity Index or VEI measures the intensity of a volcanic eruption by rating it from 0, being the lowest, and 8 as the most intense or what others call as “disastrous”. This massive eruption has caused a major change in the world’s climate making the global temperature decrease approximately 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this event, the year 1816 has been tagged as the “year without summer” because of the impact it has made with the worldwide weather and climate.

Mt. Krakatoa

This Indonesian eruption has put Indonesia as one of the world’s hot spots for active volcanoes. The eruption of Mt. Krakatoa, which took place on August 27, 1883, has also created a huge impact, not just in Indonesia, but as well as places that are 3,000 miles away. Its eruption was heard as far as the Indian Ocean, which has created a 150 feet tall tsunami. This VEI 6 eruption has produced tons of ash into the earth’s atmosphere, which stayed there for at least 2 weeks. This, however, produced very stunning sunsets, which has inspired a lot of artists and painters all over the globe.

Mt. Pinatubo

Known as one of the recent biggest volcanic eruptions, Mt. Pinatubo happened on June 15, 1991 in the island of Luzon, Philippines. This VEI 6 eruption sent gases more than 15 miles up into the air which made day look like night. Mt. Pinatubo has been very silent for about 500 years before this eruption; however, small earthquakes, minor eruptions as well as gas buildups surrounding the mountain were already recorded weeks prior to the big event. Because of this, more than 60,000 people were evacuated just in time leaving only 850 dead compared to the 90,000 casualties in the Tamboran Eruption. This, nevertheless, was considered as the best example of nature’s wrath since typhoon Yunya also struck the place at the same time creating lahar and ash floods.

These are three of the world’s biggest volcanic eruptions recorded in history. Even though these terrible events already occurred, it is still very possible that another intense eruption might happen in the nearby future.

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