What is the Biggest Komodo Dragon in the World?

I am not very fond of lizards. To be honest, I’m quite afraid of them. I don’t know why exactly. I just find a tingling feeling down my spine whenever I see one. And what makes this fear even more irrational, is that I’m not as afraid with the bigger lizards as I am with the small ones, particularly the house lizards. Maybe it is because I haven’t seen a huge lizard at all. And this sparks a tiny part of my mind called curiosity.

I’m curious about large lizards. And I’m even more curious with how I would react when I finally do see one in real life. But before that I need to know about the large lizards. What is the largest lizard in the world?

What is the Biggest Komodo Dragon in the World?

The largest lizards in the world are the komodo dragons. These lizards are a type of monitor lizards. They are endangered species of monitor lizards. You can only find Komodo dragons in Indonesia, specifically the island of Komodo, where the dragons got their name, Rinca Island, as well as the islands of Flores and Gili Motang. Komodo dragons are a relative of the Megalania prisca of Australia. The Megalania is a large ancient lizard, much larger than the Komodo dragons. They grew up to 20 feet in length, but are now, sadly, extinct.

These dragons are the largest lizards in the world. The males Komodo dragons can grow to an average length of 6.6 to 9.8 feet (2 to 3 meters). They can weigh up to 198 pounds (90 kilograms). The females are slightly smaller. The female dragons rarely exceed 7.5 feet (2.5 meters) in length. These Komodo dragons truly are humongous lizards. They are indeed the largest of all lizards. But what is the biggest Komodo dragon in the world? What is the biggest ever recorded?

The biggest Komodo dragon ever recorded was 10.167 feet (3.13 meters). It had the weight of 365 pounds (165.9 kilograms). If this is not big for a lizard, then I don’t know what is. This Komodo dragon is the biggest lizard in the world.

Komodo dragons are interesting creatures. Yet one must be careful when out in the wild with these lizards. There have been incidents where a human was attacked by a Komodo dragon. Their bites are quite poisonous and their size can be daunting. But even with these facts, I’m not as scared as I should probably be. I’d be willing to see a Komodo dragon up front. Just not too up front.

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