What is the Biggest Horse in the World?

We see horses everywhere. Well, not really everywhere but we see a lot of horses. We see them in country sides and even in cities. And we see a lot of horses used in movies. There are horses in old war films. There are horses in films about far off places. We see a lot of them in movies about cowboys and the old west. And of course, we see them in movies about the horses themselves. There’s Black Beauty. We also have Seabiscuit, one of the best race horses in history.

Speaking of race horses, these horses are not just any kind of horses. And they are not small. They are huge horses. And they have to be. So they can easily run while carrying a jockey.

Size does matter for a lot of things. As most people say, the bigger the better. And this is just as true with horses. We have associated size with strength and power. Bigger horses are better, stronger, and faster. Then, what is the biggest horse in the world?

The biggest horse in the world is Jack Belgium, or Big Jake as his owner fondly calls him. Big Jake is a 9-year old Belgian gelding from the Smokey Hollow Farm in Poynette, Wisconsin. Big Jake holds the record of the biggest horse in the world with a height of 82.75 inches, measured from the bottom of his unshod hooves up to his withers, or the top of his shoulder blades. Big Jake took the record from Remington, a Clydesdale from Dallas, Texas. Remington held the previous record of 80 inches high from the hooves up to his withers. Remington weighs 3,000 pounds, heavier than Big Jake who only weighs at around 2,500 to 2,600 pounds. So I’ll say they share the title as the biggest horse in the world. Big Jake is the tallest horse and Remington is the heaviest.

But their glory days will not last long. There is a young contender from Great Britain who is another Clydesdale. His name is Dagger which is just perfect as he will surely cut the ribbons off Remington and Big Jake. Dagger is only 4 years of age but already 78 inches high and weighs almost 2,000 pounds. He still has a lot of growing up to do. By the time he reaches Remington’s and Big Jakes’ ages he would most likely be bigger than either of them.

Apparently, horses don’t just race down the tracks. They also race for the title of the biggest horse in the world. And this race is just as exciting.

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