What is The Biggest Great White Shark in the World?

Massive size. Huge mouth with numerous razor sharp teeth. These are what we usually think of when we hear shark, moreso a great white shark.

As a child, I have always been afraid of sharks, especially great white sharks. I haven’t had any encounters with any shark, even just see a shark with my own eyes. Yet I was still mortally afraid of them and their giant jaws. Jaws. That is actually the reason for all this fear. When I was a kid, I watched the film of how the humongous shark attack the people swimming in the seas and even those who are sailing in their boats. And which child would never feel scared when they see a giant shark biting people? You see great white sharks in movies that could take on sail boats, small yachts, or even a helicopter. So how big does these killer sharks get? What is the biggest great white shark in the world?

Great white sharks grow up to an average of 13 to 17.1 feet in length. And they can weigh from 1,500 pounds to 2,400 pounds. Female great white sharks are usually bigger than the male great whites. On the other hand, the maximum size that great white sharks can reach is a little difficult to tell. There have been several claims of seeing great white sharks that reach to more than 35 feet. However, shark experts say that there is a possibility that these sharks were incorrectly measured.

The biggest great white shark in the world according to the Canadian Shark Research Center is the 20-foot female shark caught off the coast of Prince Edward Island. This particular great white shark was caught by David McKendrick and is now believed to be the biggest great white shark accurately recorded.

Many scientists and shark experts accept that the great white sharks maximum size would be at around 20 feet. And these sharks would weigh about 4,200 pounds. Yet it is still difficult to tell. People have speculated that the bigger sharks measured just shrunk when they were pulled out of the water since sharks are made up mostly of water. So, the biggest great white shark is still debatable. For now, let’s just stick with what the Canadian Shark Research Center says that is biggest.

However, regardless of their size, these sharks are ferocious. And I’m still a bit scared of them. Good thing to know, they prefer seals and sea lions for food and not humans.

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