What is the Biggest Fish in the World?

The oceans continue to intrigue me.  They are so vast and so little is known of them. They hold many species of living things still unknown to man. And it is in these wide oceans that we find the biggest creatures living in our planet. And it all fits. The Earth is covered mostly water. In fact, about 70% of our planet is covered by water. And water is essential to living things, like us humans. It is especially important to fishes and other creatures whose habitat is water. Among them is the biggest living animal, the blue whale. But the blue whale is a whale, a mammal, and not a fish. Then what is the biggest fish in the world?

The biggest fish in the world is just like a whale. And I guess it is for this very reason that it has “whale” in its name. I’m talking about the whale shark. Contrary to popular belief, the whale shark is not a whale. It is more of a shark. The whale shark is a filter-feeding type of shark. It only feeds on plankton and small fishes, so there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to whale sharks. The whale shark is just like the blue whale when it comes to feeding. They do not attack and eat humans. In fact, they are pretty friendly to divers, even playful. They are gentle creatures.

Yes, the whale shark’s size can be daunting when you first see it. So, how big is the biggest fish? The whale shark can grow up to about 40 feet in length and can weigh at around 15 tons. The biggest confirmed whale shark is 41.50 feet with a weight of 21.50 tons. The heaviest whale shark ever recorded weighed about 36 tons. Though there have been unconfirmed reports of whale sharks bigger than these. Some people claim to have seen whale sharks with a length of over 60 feet and a weight of more than 43 tons.

There have been many unconfirmed sightings of whale sharks growing bigger than the average whale shark. And this just shows how little we know of these creatures. There is still so much to learn about them. And the sad thing is their numbers are depleting. Whale sharks, the biggest fish all over the world, are dying out. These gentle giants should be kept for future generations for they sure are a marvel.

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