What is the biggest dog breed

If you wish to know what is the biggest dog breed in the world you need to remember that there are several different criteria to take into consideration. A dog can be judged on height as well as weight, and a dog that is exceptionally tall might actually be very light in weight, and vice versa. This means that will be more than one answer to your question!

The biggest breed of dog in terms of body mass is the English bull mastiff. This is truly a giant amongst its fellow dogs and one of the largest dogs of this breed ever recorded was eight feet long from nose to tail and weighed in at a massive 343Ibs. English bull mastiffs were once bred as fighting and military dogs, but although they make reliable guard dogs, today they are more likely to become family pets. However, they need to be well trained and are apt to show aggression when they feel they, or their owner, is threatened.

Whilst a hefty 343Ibs is certainly at the extreme end of the weight scale, all English bull mastiffs are well known for their heavyweight credentials and many of them tip the scales at 200Ibs plus.

Another heavyweight breed of dog is the cuddly St Bernard. They can easily weigh up to 200Ibs and are built with plenty of extra padding to withstand freezing temperatures and blizzard conditions. Originally bred as a rescue dog, the St Bernard is a patient companion and loves children. They are also very intelligent and fairly easy to train.

But although English bull mastiffs and St Bernards are bulky, they are not the tallest breed of dog. If you are curious to find out what the biggest dog breed is then you also need to look at height.

The tallest breeds of dogs are often not that heavy in terms of mass. Irish wolfhounds are considered to be the tallest breed of dog as on average they measure 91cm tall up to the shoulder. Irish wolfhounds can be rather intimidating because of their size, but they are very sweet natured and extremely loyal to their owners. They adore children and are very tolerant with youngsters.

However, the current record for the world’s tallest dog is held by ‘Giant George’, a Great Dane from the US. He was measured at 1.092 meters tall on February 2010. Great Danes combine great size with a soft and gentle nature. They love being around people and make excellent family pets.

Other large breeds of dog include the Tibetan mastiff, Japanese akita, Swiss mountain dog, Caucasian mountain dog, Neapolitan mastiff, and Newfoundland.

Before you consider what is the biggest dog breed you can buy, you need to take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of owning a large dog. For one thing, large dogs eat considerably more than small dogs, so you might find your dog soon eats you out of house and home.

However, large dogs are generally more relaxed and easy going, and they do not require the same amount of exercise as a medium sized dog, so they can be good for people who are less mobile. Giant dogs are also known for their protective qualities, which makes them popular pets.

But whichever dog you end up choosing, make sure it is right for you as a dog should always be for life!

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