What is The Biggest Dinosaur in the World?

Apart from knowing the blue whales as the biggest animal in the world, the dinosaurs are also recognized as the most immense creatures on earth. The difference only is that blue whales are the largest marine animals while the dinosaurs are the largest land animals. When speaking of dinosaurs, there are a lot of species of these creatures and we often ask what the biggest dinosaur in the world is.

There had been a few dinosaur species that have worked their way toward gaining the title as the biggest dinosaur who ever lived. Some would say that the Seismosaurus or the “earth shaker reptile” is the biggest and some would say it is the Ultrasaurus. But ever since a local rancher in Argentina discovered the bone of Argentinosaurus in 1987, this dinosaur was then considered as the biggest above all sauropod dinosaurs.

The Argentinosaurus, which its name was given in 1993, was found in the badlands of Plaza Huincul, in north central Argentina. The local rancher who discovered the bone first thought that it was only a fossil tree branch but when it was subjected to scientific studies, it was found out that the so-called fossil was actually a shin bone of a dinosaur. The shin bone uncovered was as tall as five feet high!

From its discovery, Dr. Rodolfo Coria from Plaza Huincul Museum continued to search for more remains of this dinosaur. He was able to uncover some backbones that were measured five feet high and five feet wide and weighed one ton each backbone. Other remains discovered from this dinosaur were bones from the hip area, ribs and bits from the lower jaw.

What is actually an Argentinosaurus ? This colossus plant-eating animal has a height of 120 feet, measuring from its head to tail. Its height is equivalent to 3 school buses put together. Argentinosaurus also weighed massively, for more than 100 tons, and that is comparable to 20 bull elephants. This is considered as the biggest sauropod, a four-legged and lizard-foot animal that consumes plants, mostly evergreen tree branches, for survival. Its built comprised of bulky trunks and long necks and tails.

Despite of its gigantic feature, it was said that sauropods had tiny heads and this meant they also had minute-sized brains. This feature is ironic with their sizes, making them believed as the dumbest above all dinosaurs.

Dr. Coria preserved the fossils in his museum as a way to keep the tracks of Argentinosaurus. Doing so will bring more fascinating facts on dinosaurs and will aid to more discoveries in the future.

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