What is the Biggest Cat in the World?

There are many different cats in the world. There domestic cats that you could keep in the house as a pet, and there are those huge wilder cats that live in the jungles or grasslands or mountains. And as varied as the types of cats are, their sizes vary too. Domestic cats are much smaller compared to the cats you see in the wild or in a zoo. So what is the biggest cat in the world?

If you are asking about the biggest species of cats, then the answer would be a liger. A liger is a cross between a lion and a tiger. A liger has a lion for a father and a tigress for a mother. Lions and tigers live in different areas. They don’t share the same location. And this is why you don’t see ligers in the wild. They are bred in captivity which makes them very rare. Even in captivity, ligers are not usually bred. Crossbreeding two different species is difficult and can be very dangerous.

With the mixture of lion and tiger, the liger has grown even bigger than its parents. The particular liger that was bred at the Jungle Island, an animal theme park based in Miami, Florida, is aptly named Hercules. Hercules weighs about 900 pounds and is 12 feet long. But even with his perfectly heavy weight, Hercules is perfectly healthy. Hercules is the biggest non-obese liger in the world and thus, the biggest cat.

These ligers are similar to another type of cats. I am talking about their near relatives, the tiglons, or tigons as some call them. The tigons are just like the ligers. They are a cross between tigers and lions. However, tigons have a tiger for a father and a lioness for a mother. Because of the difference between their fathers and mothers, tigons are smaller cats compared to the ligers.

However, what is the biggest domestic cat breed? The answer is the Maine coon cat. The Maine coon cats weigh at average of 10 to 20 pounds. They can grow up to 14 inches. This breed of cats is very friendly and well-behaved. Their soft and fluffy fur is surely a delight. It is exactly the type of cat you would want to keep inside you house. And it is from this very same breed that the biggest domestic cat in the world is.

The title holder for the biggest domestic cat is Verismo Leonetti Reserve Red, or Leo as what his owner Freida Ireland calls him. But his name is no match for his length. Leo, from the very tip of his nose down to the endpoint of his tail, is 48 inches long. He weighs in at 35 pounds. And just like Hercules, Leo is as healthy as he can be.

Looking for the biggest cat in the world may be a little difficult since many claim fraudulent records of length and weight. Some, just to make their cats the biggest, even suffer the health of their cats by making them obese. Cats may not be as loyal and friendly as most dogs are, but they still deserve to be cared for properly.

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