What is The Biggest Animal in the World?

It is informative to know about the largest animal on Earth. Do you know that the biggest animal in the world is the blue whale? Yes, this marine mammal tops the list as it is literally humongous-sized creature! Its length measures between 75 feet to 100 feet and it weighs massively. The heaviest blue whale recorded is a female, weighing 176, 792 kilos. Because of its massive size, its body organs are also proportionate with its largeness.

The heart of a blue whale can have the same size of a small car and its arteries are spacey enough as it can make room for you to climb on it. Even baby blue whales come in gigantic sizes! Their weight when they are born is equivalent to the weight of an elephant and amazingly, it grows at the fastest rate you can imagine. Since they are mammals, they have the instinct to drink a hundred gallon of breast milk daily and increases their weight by 91 kilos per day and this answers why they grow up massively over a short time.

Because of their size, blue whales take up the whole ocean as their home. They need air to breathe as they are called marine mammals that is why from time to time, they catch air at the surface of the sea to have sufficient supply of oxygen for breathing. Ironically, blue whales consume krill for their meals. Krill is a minute-size sea creature that appears similarly with shrimps. Since they have to consume such small creatures, they gulp down krill quantities that are commensurate to their massiveness.

Blue whales swim to different places under the sea to find a large number of krill. They can swim at 50 kilometers per hour but slows down when they are having their meals. Long before, blue whales exist in big numbers but at present times, they are now considered as endangered species because there are only approximately 12000 blue whales that have remained. Human beings have hunted a large number of these whales that is why it is time to conserve the remaining ones before they are completely vanished from existence.

Aside from conquering the rank as the biggest animal in the world, blue whales are also the loudest animals on earth. Their call can be heard a hundred miles away, reaching 188 decibels. Blue whales are believed to withstand 80 years of life. They usually live all by itself or they come with partners.

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